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Travels / Voyages

Tourism or Shopping?

Did anyone ever book a Tour Operator in order to achieve a dream travel, and the discovery of countries in which heritage and history merge with the one of the Humanity? I hear by that, countries from...

by: Laura W.


May 02, 2015

Are the French always on strike?

With my husband we went twice to Paris, the City of Love, but trust me, the Romance fades quickly in front of the struggling with the French people. The first time, when we went to visit the Eiffel Tower,...

by: G-1023


December 13, 2014

Overbooking, right, wrong, and how?

Hello guys! We've all seen the video and photos of this guy, who was taken out by force from a United Airlines plane. I wanted to react about it, because several concerns pop into my mind. First of all,...

by: b.H.d


April 12, 2017

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