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Science / Medicine

How do you feel about modern medicine and the sciences? Does they sometimes scare you? Anger you? Do you feel they are detached from Humanity? Rage about it here and explain why!

Unvaccinated children. Seclude them from school?

Well, why not? I say "yes". As part of the left-wing, socialist part of our country, I say all of us have an obligation to protect our children and our sisters and brothers, part of that includes...

by: Still Sarah


January 28, 2015

Are meds made to heal us, or make us more sick?

This is the question I am asking days after days! Have you ever listen the warnings during TV commercials, or read the tiny prints on notices? To me it sounds like any meds you could take, will have side...

by: AngryJack


December 21, 2014

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