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Valentine's day, a marketing scam!

Like Christmas, Mother and Father's day, and all other special days, Valentine's day is a pure mercantile creation! A scam to sell you all kind of things, and make you feel ashamed if you are not spending...

by: G-1114


February 13, 2015

Girls, our men only listen to us for 6 minutes!

Yes, we make efforts to listen to their nonsense, uninteresting chat, about guys disputing a ball and rolling on the dirt, or their charming and noisy, greasy, and gas-smelling cars, but when it come to...

by: Sophia


December 26, 2014

Lying assholes

Why the fuck do some men lie, over and over again. Promise they will stop, begging for forgiveness, and acknowledging how badly they feel for lying, just to turn around and do it again. SMH. Never trust...

by: G-1125


March 14, 2015



by: G-1195

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December 28, 2015

I ♥ Edward Cullen

I💒 bella for Edward Cullen

by: G-1060


January 06, 2015

What should I do with a poor husband?

I've been married almost a year now and just found out I'm pregnant. My marriage hasn't been the nicest or easiest, like most. I have always been doubtful of my now husband. When I first met him, he immediately...

by: G-1155


June 09, 2015

I love a girl, who doesn't even know I exist

There is this girl who I see every day at the bus stop, and I have never dared to talk to her.

by: G-1040

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December 22, 2014

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