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We've all had neighbors that have driven us crazy. We build fences and grow hedges, and we still can't keep them from prying into our business. Come in and tell us about your pain in the butt neighbor!

Neighbour's car parked blocking my house front gate!

I came home from a few weeks holiday and found my neighbour's car parked directly in my house, blocking the entrance. I could not call them to move their vehicle as they were not at home away outstation....

by: CCCuah


November 09, 2015

Neighbors are like family,... you don't get to choose them

Hello- They can be great, they can be bad, they can be helpful, and friendly, they can become a nightmare. Neighbors are like members of the family, you don't choose them, and you have to live with them....

by: G-1210


February 16, 2016

In the shadow of neighbors…

I live in a suburban district, all houses being two-story, all is fine and nice,... until my neighbor decided to add an extra floor to his house. Furthermore the nuisances caused by several months of work,...

by: G-1202

One comment

February 12, 2016


Since the Fair in Jackson is called 'The Mississippi State Fair' why don't the county Sheriffs donate a deputy, one day during the Fair's run, to provide Security?

by: G-1183

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October 06, 2015


A kid named Reesie keeps getting into fights with adults

by: G-1070


January 15, 2015

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