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Wasn't the 80's the best decade for Music ?

When I listen at today's music, I find that 99.9% is crappy. To me, form a musical point of view, the 80's was the decade which had the best sound, the more creativity, and the best artists of all Times!...

by: G-1241


August 16, 2016

Who is this Kayne West who sings with Sir Paul McCartney?

Saw this tweet, and LOL, Damn man, you never heard of the Rolling Stones?????? I hope for your sake that this was only second degree humor, and to make a buzz, which from this point it was a success....

by: G-1057


January 03, 2015

Rest in Peace, Prince

Today is the sound of doves crying.:*(

by: Miss B.


April 21, 2016

France at the Eurovision and its bullshit arguments

Hello guys, I am from France, and last night, "we" were again totally ridiculous at the Eurovision song contest, ending 25th over 27th. It's not that I am upset that France keeps being at the...

by: G-1151

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May 24, 2015

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