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Food and Drink

Cooking, eating, drinking, vegetarianism, veganism. Is your wife a bad cook? Does your boyfriend complain about the meals you prepare for him? Do you hate vegans? Rage about it right here!

The Rejection of Insect-eating

Insects are the solution to hunger in the World, and in spite of it, this idea is massively rejected. I don't understand. It only shows how people are ignorant. Yes, insects look disgusting and sticky,...

by: G-1026


December 14, 2014

Schools should offer free breakfast and lunch to all kids

Hi, There is really a great injustice in this area. Children from disadvantaged backgrounds often do not have sufficient nutrition to ensure good growth. And this is the bottom of everything. In fact,...

by: G-1316

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October 03, 2018

Junk food should be taxed

I believe a tax should be applied to junk food. Actually, junk food is cheaper than healthy food, is that normal? I say 'no'. There is no reason that healthy food be reserved to wealthy people, and the...

by: G-1075


January 19, 2015

What it takes to lose weight.

This is THE recurring concern when Summer is coming. So what it takes to lose weight ? I would say, a smile, a good hair cut, make up, new cloths and a better lighting! You would have understood it,...

by: G-1299

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May 23, 2017

Do Americans only eat with their hands ?

Hello, I've been visiting a friend of mind, who lives in the USA, and what gets my attention, beside the length and frequencies of your TV commercials, was that it looks like you (Americans) all eat with...

by: HenryXL

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April 05, 2017

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