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Choosing the First Name of your kids

Is it me, or are people (especially celebrities) giving more and more silly names to their kids ? Sometimes, I have the impression that this is a competition for the one giving the most ridiculous name...

by: G-1297


May 21, 2017

Family reunions

God, I hate that so much! I.R.

by: G-1025


December 14, 2014

Mothers, stop licking your kids!

How many times do I see mothers, licking or kissing the wounds of their kids, or wetting a cloth, with their saliva, to clean a wound! SORRY, BUT YOU ARE NOT A MOTHER CAT! Your saliva does NOT contain...

by: OldGrouchy


March 10, 2016

Can moms read in minds ?

It seems like my mom always knows everything. Sometimes, my brother and I didn't even yet think of doing something bad/wrong, that she already knows! She also knows what we are going to ask her! How is...

by: G-1257


April 01, 2017

Forgetting a baby in a car...

More and more frequently, we hear about parents who forget their baby in their car... How is it possible? ... I mean, I can't imagine a single second how this can happen… I know, they claimed they were...

by: G-1238

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July 28, 2016

Suicide and Blame

I was on a forum a while back, and someone had written a post concerning the adult child of a friend. The child had committed suicide, and the poster of course was very upset. What bothered me a bit,...

by: Still Sarah


December 01, 2014

Surrogate mothers should be forbidden

Surrogacy is a pure abomination and tramples everything that Life represents. I can't understand how this can be legal! What civilized society can accept this kind of practice nowadays! And don't tell...

by: AngryJack


December 21, 2014

Can Women Be Abusers?

Can women be physical and emotional abusers? To the heights that men can? Sure. I actually never thought they could until I went through with a woman roommate things I had only seen family and just couples...

by: G-1017


December 03, 2014

Mommy, how are babies made?

And here we are, she had to ask this question! OMG, I knew it would come one day or another! How do you want to explain this to a kid? Not that I don't know, eh? But how to explain, and be sure to use...

by: G-1094


February 05, 2015

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