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Environment / Ecology / Nature

What remains to pollute?

We have polluted our air, with our industries, and machine emitting toxic gas. We have polluted our lands, with pesticides, and chemical of all kinds. We have polluted our underground, by burying our...

by: Alessandra


July 19, 2016

Why the hell did God create flies?!

No, really, what was going through the mind of God the day he created flies, I wonder! Explain to me in which way they are useful? I know that in the Nature, everything has a place and role, but what the...

by: G-1137


April 26, 2015

Why is Global Warming bad?

Sorry, if I sound dumb, but I keep hearing about global warming, and how we should move our asses to prevent it, but, first of all, I think this is bullshit that we can revert such phenomenon, and secondly...

by: G-1062


January 08, 2015

Does the Earth need us(The Humans)?

We are often forgetting that we are part of the evolution of species. We are part of the chain, and like each links of a chain, our existence has a reason, a purpose, and a goal. Each steps of the evolution...

by: G-1310


September 30, 2017

The Smoke and Mirrors of the Electric Car

I can't stand anymore the crummy Yippie ecologists who can't think by themselves, and claim loud and strong how we should all run around in electric cars, and that if you don't, shame on you, because you...

by: G-1027


December 14, 2014

Clean Coal, what is that?

Trump promised clean coal, what is that? Never heard anything like that. How can coal exploitation can ever be clean ?! Is that another of his invention, or did he really discovered how to extract and...

by: G-1258

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April 01, 2017

Stupid forecast

They feed us with technical details and explanations, display sophisticated and fancy animations, expose all their sciences about meteorology, but overall they are most of the time wrong! For example,...

by: G-1143

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May 04, 2015

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