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Why are Adblockers allowed?

I do not understand why adblockers are considered fine, by everybody, and why they are allowed.

Would it be okay, if a box/software was stripping out commercials from TV channels, or form radio stations? Or having a TV which strips ads automatically, like what web-browsers are doing?

Would it be okay, to blur the sponsors on the shirt of athletes or cars?

Would it be okay, if a kiosk was using scissors to cut out ads from newspaper and magazines?

Would it be okay, if people were covering advertising boards in streets with painting?

The answer is NO. So why is it okay, when it comes to stripping out ads from web sites???

You are going to tell me that web sites often have excessive and invasive ads, that's right, but first of all this is not ALL web sites, only a fraction of them, and secondly, then why don't you simply boycott these sites?

Adblockers are penalizing EVERY publishers, and worse, it's penalizing the smallest and honest publishers much more than the big abusers!

Yes, because, big publishers, which are the ones abusing the most of invasive ads, have the power to develop solutions to counter adblockers, they can also force people to white-list them to access their site. This last part is the worse, people install adblockers to combat invasive ads, but they are allowing the bigger abusers to continue ! And during this time, the small guy who is publishing his site using fair practices, is the one ending to be penalized the most.

So I say, Adblockers are serving the interest of the internet giants, and big media companies, and ruining the small businesses. It wouldn't surprise me if big companies find this fine, that adblockers are taking care to get ride of potential future rival, killing them before they can become big enough to compete with them.

It doesn't make any sense at all, this is unfair at all levels.


by: G-1319

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October 08, 2018 (12 months ago)

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