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[Food and Drink]

What it takes to lose weight.

This is THE recurring concern when Summer is coming.

So what it takes to lose weight ? I would say, a smile, a good hair cut, make up, new cloths and a better lighting!

You would have understood it, I am talking about all these before and after photos and clips which are popping all over, when it comes to lose weight methods!

Did you ever notice that, on the "before", photo, the woman looks sad, and down, she has awful cloths, bad lighting, no make up, and the photo is taken at an angle which is makes all this looks worse. Then, on the "after" photo, the woman has a big smile, with white teeth, she also has a new haircut, makeup, elegant cloths which are chosen to make her look slender, and of course, the lightening is thousands of times better. This is like that since always, and since 20 years it's become worse with the use of Photoshop to edit the photos.

Who still falls into this big fat huge trap ? Who still believes in these miracle methods to lose weight, who turns a plump woman, into a girl who looks like having done fitness exercises all day long since she learned to walk ?

Seriously, all the commercials are nothing near real. They a fake, they are misleading, they are lying. I would say, they should be forbidden ! They are doubly dangerous.

First they make us think that we must be thin, and athletic, and that if we are not, we are abnormal and a monster. This has the only purpose of making us feel guilty, and put the blame on us. Secondly, they claim they can make you lose weight by all kind of methods which are ALL unhealthy and dangerous. Without counting that if even you succeed to lose weight with their diets and magical pills, you'll gain it all back soon after. Lose fast = Gain faster.

Keep in mind that you can't lose weight fast, your metabolism needs to progressively do the transition if you want it to be profitable on the long term. If you loose weight too fast, your are creating deprivation, which is NEVER good. At best your body will gain weight back as soon as possible, and at worse you are going to hurt your health and organs.

If you want to lose weight, it has to be a natural process, not something forced. Common sense is also the best method ! A healthy lifestyle, is the keyword. Eat healthy, at regular times. Don't binge, don't snack between meals. If you can't do exercises like biking, or swimming, then you can simply walk ! Walk is already something great ! We always underestimate the benefits of simply walking ! It's good for the heart, it's good for all the muscles of the body, and it's accessible to everybody !



by: G-1299

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May 23, 2017 (2 years ago)

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