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Power Rangers, TV Series vs Movie

I grew up watching the Power Rangers, and I am a bit ashamed to confess that, today, I still enjoy watching episodes with my nephews.

We just went to watch the Power Rangers movie in theater last week, and I found it very disappointing.

I know, the TV series look cheap, with their cardboard armors and guns, their plastic megazords, silly enemies and when they keep posing with explosions in their background, but honestly, I have much more pleasure and enjoyment at watching this, than the new movie.

Okay, the movie has great special effects, photography and sets, but it's cold, and soulless.

To compare, I liked what was done with the new Teenage Ninja Turtles movie, another of my childhood reminiscence. I assumed the same work would have been done with the Power Rangers. But no. The film is really common, without anything particular. Characters have no charisma at all, I already forget anything about them.

I don't know at whom this movie targets. I doubt that fans of the TV series like me will enjoy it. Those who don't know the TV series will certainly have no interest in the movie either. So to whom is it made for ?

Anyone feeling the same?


by: G-1269


April 12, 2017 (2 years ago)

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Power Rangers – The movie, makes no exception. Like all movie adaptations of a TV series, it's absolutely not in the state of mind of the TV series.

Also, the Megazord of the movie shows a total lack of inspiration.

by: G-1274

Message #1

April 15, 2017 (2 years ago)

Another example, of a film which can't please the fans, and which would left non fans totally interested.


by: G-1620

Message #2

January 19, 2019 (8 months ago)

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