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No more video game demos!

I regret that video game publishers are no longer releasing demos of their games. I wonder why they stopped doing that. It was a great way to discover games, and see if it was worth buying them.

For example, at the early age of the PlayStation 3, I liked trying all demos available. This is how I discovered the Infamous series. Honestly, I knew the title, but I had not much interest in it, and didn't think it was "my" kind of game. But once, I downloaded the demo of the first episode, and immediately, I loved it! As a result, I bought the game, as well as the following episodes (Infamous 2, and Second Son).

I think this is too bad that there is barely no more demos released. Nowadays, games can cost up to $70, that is a significant expense so I think we should have the right to a "try before you buy".

by: OldTimer

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July 17, 2016

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