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[Video Games]

The silliness of pre-ordering video games

I don't understand all the hype about pre-orders of video games, and why so many guys are doing so!

Nowadays, publishers are starting to sell their games 6 or 9 months before their release! These games are not even finished, and people rush like sheep to place pre-orders just because they saw a CGI kick-ass trailer! That's dumb!

What's the point or pre-ordering games?!

- For not forgetting to buy the game the day it gets released?

- To avoid out of stock? Does this exist? I never heard of video games running out of stock, and again more nowadays many are directly downloading the games from online platforms.

- To enjoy all the bugs that new games are being fill with? Yes, it's sure it's collecting the first version which crashes or corrupts your backup file.

- To pay the highest price? Yes because, a couple of months after the release, prices will be halved.

All this is so silly, and people jumping in with both feet the marketing tricks of publishers. One day, they'll sell you virtual games you will never play with, and you'll be all thrilled by it anyhow!

by: G-1159


June 17, 2015 (4 years ago)

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I do not agree. I don't think this is silly to preorder video games. It's not a matter of availability, or anything like that. With all preorders, you have bonus features. This can be extra missions/levels, goodies, etc,… so I think it's worth it. However, the drawback is that you can't be sure of the real quality of the game. Publishers are abusive of this, by overflowing us with impressive trailers and videos, which are often not that representative of the real quality of the game...

by: G-858

Message #1

March 17, 2016 (3 years ago)

Sometimes, you can pre-order games a whole year before their release! It sounds ridiculous to me. Yes, you can have fancy art work books (at an extra cost too), figurines, extra missions, but I think it's a mug's game. And all this to receive your game on the day of its release, meaning full of bugs… Now, the only thing which would make pre-order a video game would be if there was a discount price.

by: G-1038

Message #2

August 23, 2016 (3 years ago)

Pre-ordering, Day-one, etc,… I never understood this either, but I predict this will come to an end soon. It's not possible people be so silly to continue to pre-order video games months before their release, just based on a title and a promise. It's not because a game is labeled AAA that it means it's going to be good! There are tons of recent examples, worse, it seems that the earlier you can pre-order a video game the worse this game will be!

Pre-ordering won't make you get the game earlier, so just sit and relax, wait for the reviews, or try it yourself at some video games show if you can. Wait for videos of GAMEPLAY and not trailers!

That being said, the only situation were you might pre-order a game, if when you want to support an independent studio. These studios are relying on pre-orders to finance the development, … when they don't run away with your money…


by: Marcus

Message #3

November 06, 2016 (2 years ago)

I never pre-order video games. I don't even purchase games at the time of their release. I usually get my games one or two years later. The price is half, and all the bugs are fixed 😁 . Also, they often come with the DLC included !


by: G-1279

Message #4

April 16, 2017 (2 years ago)

Pre-ordering a game should be at discounted price.


by: G-1535

Message #5

October 13, 2018 (12 months ago)


Especially when you are charged right away!

by: G-1781

Message #6

August 27, 2019 (1 months ago)

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