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[Money / Finance]

The USA is no longer the World first economic power!

Since 1872, the USA was the leading economic power on the planet, but it's not anymore. China put an end to this, and has surpassed us! I always thought experts were predicting this to happen in the next 15 or 20 years, but it just happened! The Chinese economy surpasses the one of the USA!

See what happens when we buy made-in-china? we are transferring our wealth to them and feeding a communist nation, where there is no freedom of speech, which violates all individual freedoms, and is a Democracy only by the name! We have become dependent of China, and their pets licking their ass and accepting all they saw without a stumble. For example, when occidental companies want to do business in China, they can't, they need to create a joint venture with a Chinese business, where the Chinese part needs to remain majority. So what does it mean? It means that we share with Chinese our knowledge, skills and technologies, within this partnership, and guess what? Once they have learned, they simply dump us, and produce their own copies, cheaper. How smart, and we let it happen. We are digging our own grave, tomorrow, China will own us and rule the world as they wish. Well done Occident! -AJ

by: AngryJack

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January 06, 2015 (5 years ago)

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