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Surrogate mothers should be forbidden

Surrogacy is a pure abomination and tramples everything that Life represents. I can't understand how this can be legal! What civilized society can accept this kind of practice nowadays!

And don't tell me that women have the right to do what they want with their body! This has nothing to do with that. Using your uterus as a baby manufacture, this is a total disrespect of woman's condition, and her body.

More than anything else, this is an exploiting of the poverty and distress of women, because, yes, most of the times, women who are renting their uterus, like you rent a garage, and carry the baby of someone else, don't have the choice, they are in need in money, and have to accept this, because they don't have the choice. But who cares? The wealthy future parents, have no consideration for them, they only see in them a tool they can use as they want. They gave orders, of what to do, and how to do things, exactly as you talk to a slave.

And no one has a single thought about the future kids, and how they'll live with this idea, that they have been carried by a woman they will never be able to know anything about. No one cares, of how they can feel, and the psychological impact this can have on them. And certainly not the selfish "parents".

I understand that people who can't get child naturally are seeking a way to fulfill their need of kids. But the worse is that sometimes, this is not even a problem of procreation! This is just women who want babies without the inconvenience!

Everybody has the right to have kids, but in that case, they should simple adopt orphans! There are millions of orphans worldwide, kids who have been abandoned, who had their parents killed, and who are domed to a miserable life. Adopt them, and give them a chance to have a better life!

Shame on the so-call parents, shame on surrogate mothers, shame on our society which authorizes this. -AJ

by: AngryJack


December 21, 2014 (4 years ago)

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Family and criminal law are so anti-husband now, that a wise man stays single and has children by hiring surrogates. Beats being crucified in court by the man-haters.

by: G-593

Message #1

November 11, 2015 (3 years ago)

You do realize, don't you, AJ, that only people with real cash can adopt, don't you? Adoption is for the wealthy, even if you adopt in a poor country. Tens of thousands of dollars. And it takes years, also. I've tried, so I know. Adoption is for the elite.

by: Miss B.

Message #2

November 26, 2015 (3 years ago)

I am so torn on this issue. Not everyone can adopt, so saying this to a childless person is not fair. You need to have money and a home to adopt. Fact. It's not right, I know, because there are many people who are good and loving and don't have money and would make great, great parents and should be allowed to adopt, but there it is.

I think overall, there are too many issues that are negative about surrogacy. First of all, this issue of payment. Yes, I know that the lawyers claim it is not payment and that you are not buying a child, but are only paying fees and for time blah, blah, but come on! You ARE buying a child, so let's not quibble. Certainly if you are going over to India, you are taking advantage of probably a very poor woman, so you are in an evil way taking advantage.

People who can afford to buy a surrogate can afford to adopt anywhere in the world, so go adopt!! "Oh, I want my own blood" Fuck blood!! Children kill their own parents all the time! You never know how you will damage your own kids and they will turn on you! So enough with this "I want my own" stuff. Getting a child is always a game of chance and that is part of the mystique of children. I think it's wonderful. Not knowing what your little squid is going to do to you from one day to the next. Watching their silky hair change color strand by strand...seeing their baby-fat fingers grow slender and strong as they learn to hold and use a pencil...or perhaps a paint brush.

I got off track, of course. The biggest problem with surrogacy is that often the woman carrying the baby within her forms a bond and wants to keep the baby. As far as I'm concerned, her feelings trump those of the buying parents. I guess if pressed hard, I'd like to see surrogacy banned in the U.S.

by: Still Sarah

Message #3

February 12, 2016 (3 years ago)

Americans always sell babies, always. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Even when we adopt children, there is always a huge "fee". That is just buying the baby. We have a long history of selling babies and children and that is why surrogacy works better here than overseas. Personally, I'd like to see it become illegal, too, but I don't see that happening.

by: G-819

Message #4

February 28, 2016 (3 years ago)

Do all the states allow gay couples to adopt? If so, then certainly we should ban surrogacy. But if some states stop gay couples from adopting needy children, then these couples, at least the men and some of the women, must turn to surrogacy.

by: G-849

Message #5

March 12, 2016 (3 years ago)

Agree with the fact that family courts being anti husband. Women freak out when a man wants to have a say in his reproductive rights. Women "forget" to take their birth control pills all the time. They file for divorce and collect alimony. Men constantly face the threat of being cuckolded and can never be sure of their paternity. Women talk a great talk advising others to adopt etc. when they themselves to go great lengths to achieve a pregnancy via IVF and are crushed when they are told that they cannot have their own biological children. The irresponsible pregnancies out there go unpunished and without consequences as these women are free to hop on the welfare gravy train. In such times, it is advisable to calculate your moves accordingly. Surrogacy gives the man an option to have a child that is biologically his with appropriate legal rights. In other words, on his terms.

by: D-871

Message #6

March 26, 2016 (3 years ago)

Not sure what you mean by punishing pregnancies..., but only a very young mother is foolish enough to think that welfare will give her a comfortable life. In fact, it provides a very miserable, hungry life.
Also, I don't think what you said about men having more rights with surrogacy is true. I think many states give the birth mother the right to have the child, so you would really have to fight hard and prove she is unfit as a mother. You can't wave the contract in the judge's face and say, here is my slave, and she owes me a part of her body! See what I mean?

by: G-882

Message #7

April 01, 2016 (3 years ago)

You want answers here in simple terms:
A) Adoption Can be costly Upwards of 15-20,000 If not more for a child.
B) You facts are idiotic. Plain and simple.
1) The Sperm and the Egg can be from the Biological Mother and Father, and the 'gestation' which is where the surrogate comes into effect.
Reason for this is because the Biological Mother cannot survive a birth, or their body is actually killing the child giving Miscarriages. This is the why.

Now as for rant of stupidity that shouldnt even said.
Plain and simple, the women get money who are surrogates, or housing, or compensation, Usually less then the adoption form what i have seen personally it ranges from 5-10k Usually Half of what it is for adoption so paying out 5-10k for your OWN BLOOD, rather than 15-20k+ for adoption, yeh it is money both ways. Paying less for your own blood, and the women themselves get the money and get taken care of.

Now keep in mind, I find most women who are surr. dont want children, and dont plan on having children. And Being a suri, is actually decent money monthly stipend for the time you are preg, living in a good home etc.
It all comes down to money period.

Now selling ones eggs, that is even more of a good thing, cause most women dont want children can sell their eggs form what i have seen all of them like 20-50k for them all. Decent money as well.
And this is for women whos eggs are dead because of biological reasons, or health concerns, etc which can be implanted into surrogates as well with the husbands dna.

by: G-893

Message #8

April 07, 2016 (3 years ago)

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