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Shipping forms and tiny-tiny squares


Today, I went bananas filling out a shipping form!

Holidays are coming, and I am sending a package to my best friend overseas, all went well, until came the moment to fill the shipping form. They changed it, not a big deal, except that now, you need to write one letter per square. This is understandable, to make the form more easily readable, fine, excepting that, the squares are more than small, I really mean it. I have a small hand writing, but still this is virtually impossible to write letters in these tiny little squares, the thickness of the pencil is already larger than them! And of course, they mention, write legibly! I defy anyone to be able to fill this form legibly!

To make it worse, the squares that you must be sure to not overflow, are in light yellow, over a white background to be sure to hurt your eyes. And... there are not enough squares! This is international shipment, and their zip code field is too small to handle foreign codes?!

Sometimes I wonder who is elaborating paper forms, and how they can come to this kind of things?!

by: Urban Legend


December 09, 2014 (5 years ago)

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Oh, I SO know what you mean, Urban Legend! I have to mail a package overseas and our postal forms have no space for the writing. Now, of course, they will go by the written addresses on the package that I write, of course, but when I fill out the shipping labels, I totally freak! Also, I can't remember year to year where to stick the damn things. Finally, I just decided to bring them up to the counter. The postal workers finally got it through their heads that I'm an idiot and can't figure this out, so they paste the labels for me. But I'll be honest, I sweat every year.

by: G-25

Message #1

December 11, 2014 (5 years ago)

I don't understand because forms (of all kinds) are always so confusing to me. Once I sent a package... to myself! The misleading labeling of the fields made me switch the sender and recipient, and guess what? The woman at the counter, who reviewed my shipping didn't even notice!

Debbie 😊

by: G-45

Message #2

December 18, 2014 (5 years ago)

Debbie, I did this once, too! I sent a beautiful Christmas card meant for my parents, to myself! I cried, too, because I was totally broke that year, and this card WAS the gift. It was a simply beautiful $6 card, with a pretty little painting, snow, sparkles, religious crap they love, etc. It was promply mailed to me, which was the correct address I had penned. I couldn't afford to buy a bigger mailer and more postage, so it was a loss. I cried, too. What a baby.😛


by: G-49

Message #4

December 19, 2014 (5 years ago)

I hear you, man! I don't know if our customs forms are as bad as yours, but they have the tiny little squares with plenty of places to screw up. I had to post a package overseas the other day, and I went through three customs forms. First, I had the "wrong" customs form. Huh? Then I put in the wrong address. Okay, THAT was MY fault. But in my own defense, I do this every time, so I can blame it on habit.

The third is always the charm, so I trotted it up to the evil post mistresses who told me I couldn't use Christmas paper because it was too fragile. She told me I could buy a role of tape(row of said tape behind me--how kind) and I needed to cover the ENTIRE box with the tape. Then she told me the address label was wrong. I said it's WRONG? It was Priority. How could it be wrong?? She backed off. Witch. Anyhow, suddenly this gorgeous, sweet young woman offered her own tape because she only wanted to use one strip. I felt like a fat old white grub next to this beautiful dark angel, but I took the tape, of course. She kept checking up on me at the back counter. I wonder if I looked so upset. I guess I did, because honestly, I sweat every time I come to this particular postal mistress.

I only mail overseas once every three or four years, so it's true I panic each time. And really, it's not that hard I guess. But the tiny squares and the confusing form...why can't I just pay the post-bitch five bucks and let her do it? I'd pay it. Really, I would.


by: G-48

Message #3

December 19, 2014 (5 years ago)

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