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Modern Art ?!


I don't know if this is because I am getting old, but I don't understand modern art ! I consider myself very open minded; but still, when I see so-called modern arts, I feel like the "artists" are just making fun of rich people, who believe that if a piece of "art" is expensive, it means it's a masterpiece ! Sorry, but with due respect to artists, when you have a painting made of a single streak of solid color, I don't see how this is an expression of creativity. Also, I saw canvases, which were just blank, with cut-outs in it ?! Or canvas which are just random splashes of colors. Seriously ?! Why are people in awe at this ? And why do they pay millions to get this ?

Also, to me, a work of art is something which is pas

Sometimes it makes me feel that this is just part of a hype-circle, that someone decided that such or such artist is a "visionary master", and suddenly everybody will be in awe, making the value of his work increase massively, and since prices are up, then it means it's certainly marvelous, etc.


by: G-1288

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May 11, 2017 (2 years ago)

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No hard-feeling toward modern artists, but art is no more a matter of art, it's a matter of money and speculation.

Rich people have developed their own parallel World where the so-call Art, is only a way for them to invest their money, to make profits, to pay less taxes, in other words to optimize their fortuneā€¦

In a lot of countries, to support artists, governments set up all kind of tax discounts, if you buy a piece of art. Rich people quickly understood how they could profit from it.

So what happens is that, rich people are buying anything, and when I say anything, that is really anything, no matter what it is, what it represents, what it means, as far as it's labeled art, then it's fine.

The result is that, the price of works of art is increasing, and reaching insane summits for absolutely no reason at all. Which is of course the goal! To make their investment profitable!

A side effect is also that museums can no longer afford to own paintings or sculptures to be exposed to the public. Everything goes into the hands of billionaires, who are simply putting their new investment in a bank safe.

Sick, Sad, Greedy.

Henry S.

by: G-1512

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October 07, 2018 (15 months ago)

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