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IMDb shuts down it's message boards!!!

Omg, omg!! After all these years, IMDb has shut down it's movie message boards. I am shocked. I guess they weren't getting the revenue they wanted. I have to admit, the quality of user on the forums was pretty bad. Still, it was fun to go and rant like a maniac.

I wonder how long they have been closed? I was ill for a while and didn't go on the boards for several months. I doubt it's been a year.

Geez, I hope Rotten Tomatoes doesn't disappear. I don't think the chatting world would do well left with crap like Twitter.

by: Still Sarah

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April 20, 2017 (2 years ago)

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I think it happened last February. There are certainly numerous reasons they canceled their message board. The first which comes to my mind could be the tremendous amount of resources that it was requesting to run such a message board. I don't know how many members were active, but it was certainly a huge quantity of messages being posted each day. Also, I bet that there were too many abuses, and that it was no longer worth the effort and cost to address them. By abuses, I mean, there were certainly the traditional spammers, the trolls, but also I suspect that some members were on a mission to post oriented messages to demolish or in the opposite to praise such or such film. They certainly have the same problem as Amazon with the fake reviews, which is something which gangrenous to the Internet.

And finally, I think the biggest reason is how Facebook and Twitter have vampirized the Internet. Let's face it, these two social networks are monopolizing most of today's online discussions.


by: G-1289

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April 21, 2017 (2 years ago)

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