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Forgetting a baby in a car...

More and more frequently, we hear about parents who forget their baby in their car... How is it possible? ... I mean, I can't imagine a single second how this can happen… I know, they claimed they were busy, thinking about plenty of things, but sorry, this is impossible to miss a baby in the car!!! I am sure they don't forget their cellphone!

When my daughter was a baby, each time I was taking her in the car, I kept looking at her, just to be sure she was fine, I could have never forgotten about her presence!

And when you close your door, you can't miss the baby on the back seat!

So I don't understand this...


by: G-1238

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July 28, 2016

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I agree with Maria, I don't understand how this is possible to forget a baby in a car.

Manufacturers are now developing devices to prevent this to happen. But I find it a pity that we need to reach this point...


by: G-1012

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August 09, 2016

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