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My Top 5 TV series... which should have been stopped earlier

Be careful, I am NOT saying these TV series were bad, in fact, most were really good. I am just saying that these TV series should have been stopped much sooner.

5. "The X-Files" should have been stopped when Fox Mulder left.

Created by Chris Carter, The X Files lasted 9 years, with 202 episodes, and 2 films. Definitively a great and amazing TV series, great quality, original content, and a constant double reading of what was going on. Really good. However, I believe it should have been stopped with the departure of David Duchovny (Fox Mulder). No matter the reason he left, it was obvious the show would loose all of its essence, and this is what happened. It also reached a point where they were starting to rehash stories, which was inevitable when a show is lasting too long. So, they should have stopped it here, keeping all the greatness, instead of letting fade progressively.

(note: I read they are planning on a resurrecting The X-Files!)

4. "Heroes" should have held with the first season.

Another great TV series! Even if it's a matter of super powers, it was different from the kind of super heroes from the Marvel or DC comics universes, making the show really good and interesting. All the characters were charismatic. You always wanted to know more about their stories and the evolving of their lives. Zachary Quinto is amazing too! But there it is, after a thrilling first season, all collapsed with the second, which ruined everything!

3. "Prison Break" didn't need more than one season.

I remember reading an interview of Paul Scheuring, the creator of "Prison Break", where he mentioned that he wrote the story so that it spans over 13 episodes, and you can tell! This TV series was such a giant success that nine extra episodes have been added, and the story stretched accordingly. In my opinion, that was still good, but, the title is "Prison Break", so, once they've made it, and succeeded to escape, of course that the interest is no longer the same! And this is what happened. The next seasons, where really not at the level of the first, which was not surprising.

(note: I think they want to ressurect it too!!!)

2. "Jericho" lost all interest after few episodes

Great and mysterious plot! A little town, finding itself isolated from the remain of the world, for an unknown reason. A nuclear mushroom at the horizon. One of the son of the mayor returning after having disappeared for years. A black family installing in the town, with a father (played by Lennie James, the Morgan Jones in The Walking Dead) definitively having a secret to hide. All the ingredients where there! But here we are again, passed the few first episodes, this remained a great deception! To me, it looks like the authors put all their efforts in finding a great plot, but had no idea what to tell about or where to go! So, I gave up after may be 3 or 4 episodes, and I was not the only one. If I remember correctly, the show was about to be canceled, a couple of time, but maintained alive, prolonging the agony, until it was definitively stopped.

1. "Surface" (formerly "Fathom" )

Hum, how to say this. They should have just made the trailer... This is an other example of great premises, mysterious and unknown life-forms in the sea, shooting stars falling in the ocean by night, etc.. This is all what the trailers let glimpse. However, we no longer find the same enthusiasm at the watching of the first episode...


by: SDot


February 10, 2015 (4 years ago)

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So you're saying that the best thing for "Surface" would have been to make the trailer and then stop?! LOL, that is so funny, S!😁

by: Miss B.

Message #1

February 11, 2015 (4 years ago)

LOL. I would add "Kidnapped" created by Jason Smilovic and also "The Nine" by Hank and K.J. Steinberg. Great pilots, very thrilling, and raising high expectation for the future, but really badly exploited, making these shows immediately boring and of no interest. Too bad.

by: G-449

Message #2

June 30, 2015 (4 years ago)

It's all about Money. As long, as producers and broadcasters will make money, they will stretch and exploit things up to the very ultimate limit. No matter if it ruins a show. Take the money while it's here.


by: G-743

Message #3

February 12, 2016 (3 years ago)

I loved the first few episodes of Jericho, but it's sure that it quickly lost all interest. I think it would deserve a remake.


by: Marcus

Message #4

November 06, 2016 (2 years ago)

There are tons of TV series which lasted too long in my opinion,.. or bore spin-off's. For example, I loved the Stargate SG1 show. I think it lasted for 14 years! This is very long, and it's sure that with time, it faded progressively. But still there was a good basis. Also, you can't reproach producers and channels to extend a show as long as it pulling in a good audience. However, what I think was a mistake, was the making of the Spin-Off. I really hated Stargate Atlantis, and I avoided Stargate Universe.

To stay on topic, I think the best format for TV, is the mini series. When you have a story spanning over 5-6 episodes. I think this is good length to tell and develop a story, and short enough for not being boring or redundant.

Oliver T.

by: G-1355

Message #5

June 02, 2017 (2 years ago)

Hi folks!

I'd like to add John Doe, to this list! Marvelous plot and premise. But the show itself is terribly boring and uninteresting. . It's too bad. If you want to enjoy this show, just watch the pilot and the ultimate episode. The beginning and ending are good. In between, no.

by: G-1588

Message #6

November 26, 2018 (10 months ago)

"Nowhere Man" starring Bruce Greenwood. Great pilot episode, great premise, very interesting "last" episode. But most of episodes are uninteresting and boring. This is the perfect example of a show, which should have been a mini series, like 5-6 episodes.


by: G-1619

Message #7

January 19, 2019 (8 months ago)

Hi there,

The problem is that, today, authors have to find a killer idea, to succeed to convince producers and networks. As a result, they work and rework the plot, putting lot of thrilling ideas and concept to "sell dreams". However, there is nothing behind this synopsis. Once the project is accepted, authors are caught in their own trap. They have a hard time finding a "real" story to tell, to exploit their starting idea.

by: Jabocara

Message #8

February 07, 2019 (8 months ago)

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