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CTRL + Mouse Wheel the most useful shortcut on the Internet

Can someone explain to me, why there is so many sites, using so tiny font??? They are purely unreadable! And don't tell me this is because I am getting older! It seems like the readability of web pages has always been the weak point of web developers! Back in the early age of the Internet, we had text over flashy backgrounds, or even animated backgrounds, combinations of colors totally awkward, the kind that give you epileptic crisis! Now, this is texts with tiny fonts! WTF! Don't they look a their own pages? Or they are using screens and resolution no one else is using! And even if so, this is not an excuse, I think that a good web developer has to handle all situations and displays. HTML and CSS languages are enough evolved to adapt the size of fonts and layout to the screen resolution of the viewer! Or, maybe they are smarter than I think, and do this on purpose, so that we see only the ads which are stuffing their pages!

Now, thankfully, I recently discovered the holy grail! The short cut CTRL + the Mouse Wheel and you can zoom and unzoom any page! Amazing! May be you all already knew about it, but I thought it was worth sharing. (And with CTRL + 0 (zero) you reset the zoom to the default).

As a bonus, this is really useful to decipher those fucking-damn CAPTCHA that we now have each time we have to fill an online form! So when you zoom the page, this is also zooming the images, making them readable at least!

Good day all!

Robert W.

by: G-1098

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February 06, 2015 (4 years ago)

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Smalls characters, pages stuffed with ads and banners of all kind, makes most of web pages totally unreadable nowadays!

by: G-1744

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August 25, 2019 (5 months ago)

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