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Free Communtiy college

Free community college is a further scam by the government to in their quest of distribution of wealth. Having the earners pay for the ones that won't earn.
We now have financial assistance to attend college which includes a community college. If you work, you can pay your way through St. Louis Community College. Most of my students did.
This is information from a retired Professor at a community college so it is not hearsay.
If a person gets financial aid to attend college, what would you expect as a taxpayer funding this aid? To earn an A, a B, a C, a D, an F?
What if I told you that the person only has to attend 1 class of a 16 week class to get the aid. And the cheaters of the system know that.
One student said that after she gets her money, she was going to use it for a down payment on a car.
Does the government know this? Of course they do. It is just a way of taking the makers tax money and giving it to the takers.
Professor Roger P. Bickel
St. Louis, Mo.

by: G-1078

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January 23, 2015 (4 years ago)

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