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When the race for the scoops has more value than the life of hostages

Fellow friends from all around the World , as you certainly know, the last days, France has been facing a terrorists crisis. It began by the murdering of 10 journalists and cartoonists at the satirical magazine called Charlie Hebdo (this is from where you can see all these "Je Suis Charlie" banners all around the World) as well as two policemen. This has been followed by 48 hours of a track of these terrorists, two brothers who were involved in the Charlie Hebdo shooting, and a third man, which killed a policewoman trainee in Paris.

Finally, the two brothers entrenched themselves at a manufacture in the North of Paris, and the third man took in hostage a kosher store in Paris, murdering at least three.

And during that time, medias were filming these sites, and revealing information about the device deployed by the police, how they were taking positions, their number, and so on. They were discussing, explaining the methods used by commando to unlock this kind of situation, and how they would proceed.

Journalists even called the hostage keepers to interview them! But even worse, about the kosher store, a news channel revealed that people were hiding in the basement in the cold room! And they were trying to call them on their cellphones! Can you imagine, if the hostage keeper had a TV or has heard the phones ringing? He would have discovered there was more hostages in the basement he didn't know about! Can you imagine what could have happen?

Hopefully, it seems like none of these terrorists had access to TV or Internet. Otherwise, so-called journalists could have compromised the police forces operations, and caused again more victims.

Of course the more victims and the longest a terrorist crisis is lasting, the better this is for news medias!

This is totally irresponsible, and only for the purpose to the race after scoops, and create the event, to get more viewers!

I am totally disgusted by the behaviors of these medias which are hiding behind the duty to inform, and that this worth more than human life or the success in stopping terrorists!

And finally, once all is over, these medias are congratulating themselves, posting their viewership statistics, and how they did more audience than their rivals. See? This is their only motivation.

Now, we are entering the realms of political exploitation, because yes, politicians wants their share, and sees in this crisis no more than a good opportunity to increase their popularity...


by: Sylvain

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January 10, 2015 (4 years ago)

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