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Fucking floss

For fuck's sake, this !@#$%^&* floss which keeps fraying!!! How in the twentieth century can we still get this kind of shit. Each day, I waste all my time getting ride of the strand which gets stuck between my teeth!!! I have to use another strand to get the single frayed bit out, and all it does is cram it down further! Hurts like Hell, man!!!

by: G-1058


January 04, 2015 (5 years ago)

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I assume you are using un-waxed floss, which is the worst thing to use for your gums. It frays and breaks and leaves pieces down under the gum line, allowing bacteria to grow. Are you using un-waxed? If not, get waxed floss now.

If you ARE using waxed floss, then change brands. Use a high-quality floss. Remember to use a new section for EACH tooth. Don't re-use the same section of floss for all your teeth.

by: G-78

Message #1

January 04, 2015 (5 years ago)


I don't know which brand you are using, but you can give a try to "Oral-B Essential Floss." This is what I use (when the store is not out of stock), and I am very pleased with it. It's wax coated and advertised to be shred-resistant. As far as I can tell, it seems right, I never had issue with it. Also, what I do, is to twist the floss, it might be more resistant like that, and the surface is slightly more rough, which should improve the efficiency.

Hope it can help 🙂

ps: we are even in the twenty first century 😛

by: Urban Legend

Message #2

January 05, 2015 (5 years ago)

Star flossing the front teeth first, your floss will shred less from my experience.

Hope it can help


by: G-133

Message #3

January 19, 2015 (5 years ago)

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