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Why do online advertisers lower their Pay-per-click campaigns during holidays and week-ends?

I doubt anyone here would mind, but I wanted to share a question I have been asking myself for a little while.

Online advertising is coming with a whole range of tools allowing advertisers to optimize their campaigns, and manage their ROI (Return on Investment). Like for example, beside targeting a particular kind of profile,(yes, we are all tracked online and profiled), they can adjust the price they want to pay each time someone is clicks on one of their ads, and reaches their site.

Now, from what I've been observing for years, advertisers are lowing their pay-per-click during week-ends and holidays, and I can't understand why!

In which way is a person who clicks an ad during a week-end worth less than someone clicking during the week? In my mind, this is exactly the same potential income for the advertisers, no? And in fact, I would think that during week-ends/holidays, since people are at home, they would be more likely to buy or subscribe services, then when they are surfing the Internet from their office. No?

Or, is there some kind of tacit agreement that is spontaneously set up between advertisers, to lower their ppc and thus save money? A bit like a price fixing?


by: G-1048

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December 28, 2014 (4 years ago)

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