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[Science / Medicine]

Are meds made to heal us, or make us more sick?

This is the question I am asking days after days! Have you ever listen the warnings during TV commercials, or read the tiny prints on notices? To me it sounds like any meds you could take, will have side effects worse than the illness they are supposed to heal! A med against the cold, can cause you blindness, another against acne, or will give you prostate cancer. I exaggerate(somewhat), but pay attention the next time you hear a TV commercial, and you 'll see I am not far from the reality! So why is that? Did Laboratories invent a mechanism to keep us permanently sick, just enough, so they can continue to have us buy their drugs? Are they maintaining some kind of addiction to make their business continue to prosper? I wonder. -AJ

by: AngryJack


December 21, 2014 (5 years ago)

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While it's true that some medicines might have severe side effects, they are certainly not MADE that way. Some illnesses, like rheumatoid arthritis, is caused by a faulty immune system that attacks the body. The only way we have to effectively combat it is to suppress the immune system to a degree, and unfortunately, a small possibility of getting some types of cancer can be the result.

Of course, not everyone will get rheumatoid arthritis, and not everyone will get the diseases advertised on television. I might get strep throat next week and get a shot of penicillin in the butt, with no side effects, and be cured. Most of the time when we become ill(thank God),it's just a cold.

by: Still Sarah

Message #1

December 21, 2014 (5 years ago)

I promise AngryJack, there is no conspiracy to make a drug that keeps you sick. And drugs do not keep you ill. They are simply not made to keep you sick, lol. I don't know why drug companies shove all those warnings into the commercials. It's confusing and creepy, I agree. Personally, I think the doctor should be giving me the information, but maybe doctors are not doing this, and people are not reading the information pamphlets, so the drug companies shove all the info into the commercial? Who knows? But I can see where it can be frustrating and scary. Side effects are usually rare or not felt at all, so don't worry if your doctor wants you on a medicine. You should make a list and ask her all the questions you want. That is what I usually do.

by: G-790

Message #2

February 18, 2016 (3 years ago)

Sometimes side effect warnings, on the bottles of pills, are because the audience may contain nuts (idiot users, over dosing etc).

If a pill side effect is feeling dopey, then common sense says do not operate a vehicle.

by: G-961

Message #3

June 09, 2016 (3 years ago)

I was prescribed Vioxx. After reading the side effects online, I refused to take it. Later, it was banned. It seems to me that the FDA is approving drugs with serious side effects. Your knee pain is relieved, but you may get permanent heart valve problems. lI s this a good trade-off?

by: G-984

Message #4

July 17, 2016 (3 years ago)

Labs need to keep you in a state of dependency. If you are too healthy, this is not good for them! Keep in mind that labs are businesseses, their goal is to make profits!


by: G-1797

Message #5

August 31, 2019 (5 months ago)

Did you ever pay attention to the enumeration of side effects in medical TV commercials? They always say it fast, so you can't hear all, but it's terrible!

by: G-1800

Message #6

September 01, 2019 (4 months ago)

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