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From where is coming the Bad mood ? And how to fight it?

Olà !

Why are we something in bad mood ? I mean, some events, some contrariety can cause us to be in bad mood for the day. But other times, I just wake up in a really bad mood, for no apparent reason. So why is that ? Is that premonition ? And THIS is upsetting me, because I do not understand why I feel upset! Silly! And this is vicious circle.

You know, what I mean. You are in bad mood, so anything, even of no importance, is making you jump the gun, feeding your bad mood, and so on.

Is bad mood an illness? Is it controlled by other things, than just a state of mind? Is it some kind of biological reaction to "something"? I wonder.

To end on a more positive point, I am wondering how you are combating your bad mood? Are you just sitting, and waiting for it to pass? Locking yourself into a cave, avoid to talk with others? Or are you pro-active, and doing things, to improve things, and feel better? I would be interested to know.


by: G-1307

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September 29, 2017 (2 years ago)

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