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[Video Games]

Why aren't digital distributed games cheaper than boxed ones ?

There is something which puzzles me. When I go to the PlayStation Store or Xbox Store, games are not cheaper than their equivalent on physical medias. Why is that?

I would assume that a game you buy and download online should be cheaper than the same you buy in a store, no? I mean, there is no physical support, no box, no transportation, no storage, no defective medias which need to be replaced,…

Worse, often I see games which are way cheaper (like 33% less) at Amazon, than on downloading platforms !

I remember when Nintendo started to sell downloadable games, they were $5 more expensive than their boxed version?!

So I don't understand all of his.


by: G-1277

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April 18, 2017 (2 years ago)

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It is because Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft, do not want to enter in conflict with real stores. If downloadable games are cheaper than the one you can buy at the store in the street, then why will you continue to buy there? See?

I think that for its Xbox One, Microsoft had considered getting rid of physical support, and only rely on downloadable games. But stores started to express their concerns, and menaced to boycott the console.

However, from time to time, online game platforms are offering limited time offers which are very interesting. So if you want to save, with digitally distributed games, it's still possible.


by: G-1407

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October 01, 2017 (2 years ago)

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