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Buying followers, likes, Youtube views, etc…

It stunned me when I discovered there are companies from which you can buy followers, or likes, or views !

How can one get you 10.000 followers on demand ? How is it possible ? Where do they find it ?

I doubt these are real humans, or they have an army of guys they are paying pennies to follow anyone or anything. And why Twitter or Facebook are allowing this to happen ?

Social networks can know everything of your private life, and they can't detect and ban fake followers ??????

And the worse, is that I saw this kind of service advertised on TV !

Social networks are such crap and unscrupulous businesses. Money corrupts everything.


by: G-1267

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April 08, 2017 (2 years ago)

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This is discouraging and disgusting. Little guys like me are trying to create something, we work hard, put efforts to build something good, and at the end no matter the quality of your work, you can't get any kind of attention. You get lost in the mass, and all those above are just cheating and paying to get higher.

Don't expect social networks to do anything against this. Does it impact them, no, so they don't mind. If one day, this cause them troubles, then they'll suddenly act. Look a the example of "Fake news", or haters messages. For years, social networks were fine with this, until now, when it turned against them. Now, all of a sudden they claim to main and making in a top priority...

Same, Youtube didn't mind about fake viewers (bots watching videos), until Advertisers started to notice and no longer wanted to pay for this...


by: G-1259

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April 08, 2017 (2 years ago)

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