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Mothers, stop licking your kids!

How many times do I see mothers, licking or kissing the wounds of their kids, or wetting a cloth, with their saliva, to clean a wound!


Your saliva does NOT contain antiseptic like cats (and certainly other animals), worse, human's mouth is a nest of germs and bacterias, terribly dangerous ! As a side note, this is also why it's important to handle tooth cavities, to prevent these germs and bacterias to enter the blood system, where they can turn deadly !

Secondly, and may be this is worse *irony*, you are shaming your kids, when you do this in public in front of their friends !

The last comment is also valid with your husbands/boyfriends. There are discreet ways to tell them their tie is not straight, or that their hairs needs some help. Don't behave with them, as if they were kids in public! In private, that's another story...


by: OldGrouchy


March 10, 2016 (3 years ago)

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omg omg omg!!! My mother was a major licker! She licked our faces clean--okay, she actually spit on a kleenex, but this is the same thing--yeah, she SPAT!!! And then when she made so-called "spit curls" on our hair, she spat all over our hair!!! That is so gross! You are not really supposed to spit on spit-curls! It's just the name! Disgusting! She used so much saliva on me, I could smell it on me--it makes me sick just to remember it:-(

by: G-846

Message #1

March 10, 2016 (3 years ago)

Human beings should never share saliva! Their mouths are filthy! We have more bacteria in our mouths than animals, and that is a fact! The saliva from an animal is used by that animals to groom and to heal, and so it contains all sorts of natural healing qualities. Not so ours. Yes, I know we all French kiss, of course, and it's fun. But what did you think of that first cold sore you got, eh? I bet you weren't too thrilled when you got that!

by: G-847

Message #2

March 12, 2016 (3 years ago)

Boy, I hear that.

by: Miss B.

Message #4

August 02, 2017 (2 years ago)

You made my day, thank you OldGrouchy 😁


by: G-1344

Message #3

May 25, 2017 (2 years ago)

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