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[Religion / Spirituality]

morality VS religious beliefs

OK. I believe there is some external power which can alter or influence existence. I also believe that most people are somewhat " herdlike " in behavior. Someone who is moral & kind at heart CAN be pressured by peers to do remarkably repulsive acts. Our current media & society is always encouraging people to behave badly. This will only lead to further decline and destruction. Please encourage ALL people 2 pause and not do or say things which are shameful to our species. Most people know what actions are evil - no matter what their belief system is. So - WAKE UP - and be kind to both the misfits and the popular . Make someone glad you are alive rather than making someone angry. It will get easier to do when you continue to live as a responsible and benevolent creature.

by: G-1177

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September 19, 2015 (4 years ago)

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