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[Money / Finance]

Why the rich always defraud the IRS?

It seems like all rich people, at some point, are getting caught in tax fraud, misappropriation of public money, tax evasion, etc... I wonder why they need to cheat?! They are rich, even if their income was suddenly stopped, they would still get enough money to live in luxury for generations and generations! So why the hell do they need to cheat, to get yet more money! What's the point? They or their descendents will not even be able to spend all this money in their entire life! The worse is the hypocrisy that some of these people (or companies) are showing, pretending to use their fortune to help others, through foundations, and donations. I wonder if this is really kindness toward others, or, another fiscal optimizations tool. If the riches were really interested in others, they would first start by paying their taxes, like everybody else, and so contribute to Society.

Pablo (Spain)

by: PabloSP


February 27, 2015 (4 years ago)

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"Why the rich always defraud the IRS?" Pablo, this is simple, this is why they are rich ! Do you think there are legal ways to accumulate billions of dollars, in such short time ? And to keep increasing your fortune year after year, no matter the world wide economic situation ?

"Why the rich always defraud the IRS?", this is also because they don't want to share. They are happy to get rich thanks to the average person, those working for them, those buying, but when it comes to sharing, they are not around. Yes, they do run charities, or make donations, but that's also a trick to avoid taxes...

by: G-890

Message #1

April 03, 2016 (3 years ago)

Money is like alcohol, drug, or cigarettes. It's addictive.

The more you have money, the more you want even more. It becomes an obsession. Rich people are locking themselves into this spiral.

Nowadays, several billionaires are claiming they want to use their fortune to help others. But if they were beginning by paying their taxes like every "normal" citizens, it will already help these "others" a lot.

Also, I don't believe in their sudden generosity. Creating a foundation, donations, etc, I am sure that their first motivation is for tax optimization...

Alexis K.

by: G-1023

Message #2

August 16, 2016 (3 years ago)

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