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I don't like the idea behind 'Terminator: Genisys'

I am sorry, but I do not catch at all at the new Terminator movie. From what I understood, they call this a "reset".

So after the invention of the remakes, the sequels, the prequels, and the infamous reboot (which I can't stand), Hollywood is now coming up with the concept of a "reset", which is neither a remake, nor a reboot, but more like a shuffling of what existed, set differently.

Hum, I think I understand what the is idea behind, "we take an existing story, and we tell it differently". Okay, why not, but, I don't like it. Of course, this is only my personal point of view-do no hesitate to share yours.

But I find it disturbing to have a story that we all know, and more or less grew up with, which is suddenly told differently, and where all our points of references are messed up.

When I saw the trailer, I felt like, wow, I smoked some strong pot, and woke up in an alternative reality.

To me, it's just a big laziness, and lack of creativity. They just took the ingredients which made the success of the two first movies, and put them together, thinking this will please the fans.

What's your thought? Is it me who is out in left field?


by: G-1047


December 28, 2014 (5 years ago)

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I think this film is an insult to the Terminator franchise, already somewhat tarnished by the third film. By "reinventing" the characters, they just succeeded to make it look like a cheap parody or mockbuster.

by: G-251

Message #1

February 26, 2015 (4 years ago)

i am aware that there is a terminator 5 movie. i saw the trailer. 'reset', in this case , same story told differently, is in t-5: some factor happened differently, like <back to the future>, resulting in the reshuffle. and to make it right, the heroes must...... the story begins. but there must be a first history.end

by: G-259

Message #2

March 03, 2015 (4 years ago)

I think this was an interesting attempt. Personally I don't like it, but I have to recognize that they tried to make something original. The problem is that, shuffling all things from the first films, gives an odd result. It reminds me of some Marvel storylines with alternative dimensions.

by: G-1600

Message #3

January 01, 2019 (12 months ago)

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