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[Food and Drink]

Schools should offer free breakfast and lunch to all kids


There is really a great injustice in this area. Children from disadvantaged backgrounds often do not have sufficient nutrition to ensure good growth. And this is the bottom of everything.

In fact, not only them, there are also children who go to school hungry because their parents have not had time to prepare something.

So I think that, schools should propose free and REAL breakfast and lunch to all kids.



by: G-1316


October 03, 2018 (12 months ago)

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Good idea, but who will finance this? Schools have already hard time finding enough money to operate. Oh yes, I know, the Food Industry will certainly be happy to "help", but don't expect quality products. They will train kids to eat sodas and hamburgers...

by: G-1522

Message #1

October 10, 2018 (12 months ago)

who will finance this?
Allocate 1% of the budget of the Army, and you should be able to feed all kids... or add a 1% tax on weapons sold... All is a mater of priority ...

by: G-1777

Message #2

August 26, 2019 (1 months ago)

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