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Why are people so adamant about using the word "I" instead of "me"? Saying, for example, "He was very kind to Bob and I," isn't correct. Take "Bob" out of that sentence, and what is left? "He was very kind to I."

Hearing others misuse "I" doesn't bother me nearly as much as having those same people roll their eyes when I speak correctly. ("She doesn't know that saying 'me' is wrong - imagine!"😉 I have even had people correct me!

Saying "So-and-So and I" is as pretentious and wrong as holding one's pinky finger high when drinking from a glass or cup.

Now, "Bob and I ran from the burning building," is correct. First, because no one wants to perish in a burning building, and second, when you take old Bob out of the sentence again, you're left with, "I ran from the burning building."

Whenever I heard someone use "I" instead of "me", I am certain that the speaker experienced what is called the Fourth Grade Fade. Many kids lose interest in school in the fourth grade and never regain it. Fourth grade is just about the time a kid begins to learn the finer points of grammar.

by: G-1306

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July 23, 2017 (2 years ago)

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