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Why are dogs so obsessed by the toilet bowl!


I have a 3 year old male dog, all cute and charming, and affectionate, but … if someone* forgets to put down the toilet lid, you can be sure to find him drinking the toilet water, yuk! I always though it was a myth, a joke, but this is a reality!

This is eww, and at the same time it can't be healthy at all!

Of course, he has a clean water bowl, that I changed twice a day.

Do your dogs do the same?

Why are dogs doing it?

And, the ultimate question, how to dissuade them from doing this ?


*by someone, understand my husband.

by: G-1276


April 17, 2017 (2 years ago)

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Male dogs are like little boys, they like to do dirty things, and do what is forbidden. I never heard of a female dog doing this, I assume this is genetic and inherent to "boys" 🙂

ps: I have the same problem as you with my man 😁

by: G-1288

Message #1

April 18, 2017 (2 years ago)

I don't get it myself! I don't see how it can be appealing!

First of all the smell. I know dogs have a much more developed sense of smell. But in the other hand, they love to smell poop and pee from other dogs! So I guess that human toilets should be very interesting to them. I don't know if I am being ironic, sarcastic, or realistic when saying this!

Secondly, the toilet bowl is not easily accessible! So why do they put so much effort in reaching the water? I would understand if they are deadly thirsty, but of course that's not the case!

Thirdly, the rebellion against something forbidden? I don't think animal think like that, but who knows. You tell them not to do something, so will it encourage them to do it? Like a kid would dare his parents?


by: G-1290

Message #2

April 21, 2017 (2 years ago)

It's not worse than when they spend long minutes, their nose into the poop or pee of another dogs, in the street! Animals have such develop senses, that I doubt they need to put their nose so close, for not saying right into !

by: G-1757

Message #3

August 25, 2019 (1 months ago)

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