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April Fools' Day

Honestly, I don't like April Fool, and I find it a stupid and silly tradition.

First of all, is anyone really finding these jokes funny??? I must not have the same definition of fun as others! Maybe it's because I am getting older, but in the past, jokes were smarter and funnier, nowadays there is not a single once of fun in them.

Secondly, by trying to be clever, lot of sites and medias are writing fake articles, which could be plausible. Sorry, but that is NOT FUNNY, and again more now with all the fake news running around, it's just feeding confusion about what is true or not. And sorry, but there is NOTHING funny at all!

Finally, lot of these jokes are in fact targeting real persons, and making fun of someone is not fun to me. It sounds like some are taking the opportunity of "pretending to joke", to make fun of other people, without minding if this is hurting the feeling of the victims.

It's cute and funny, when kids are doing it, but not when adults are doing it!


by: G-1256


April 01, 2017 (2 years ago)

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Yeah, it is cute and fun, when kids do this... then when adults do the same, it looks childish.

In the other hand, this is the only day where you can spread 'fake news' without risks to get into troubles 🙂

by: G-1654

Message #1

February 11, 2019 (9 months ago)

I confess than, once in a while, some are great, but yes, most of times this is silly, childish, for not saying evil.

by: G-1678

Message #2

March 03, 2019 (8 months ago)

Yes, it's stupid tradition. I don't know from where it comes from. The worse is when jokes are made at the expenses of others.


by: G-1702

Message #3

April 01, 2019 (7 months ago)

Some April fools are really smart, I have to confess that from time to time some are really make me laugh hard 🙂 ... But I agree that, when they are at the expense of someone else, this is not fun.

by: G-1753

Message #4

August 25, 2019 (2 months ago)

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