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Will you buy Watch Dogs 2 ?

I bought the first Watch Dogs in 2013. In fact, it was the first time I was buying a video game at the moment of its release, usually, I buy a game one or two years later, at a discounted price. I was tempted by the promises and also the different trailers. Unfortunately, I didn't like it much. It was not as beautiful as it looked like on the trailers, it was boring and confusing. I finished it anyhow, but in total indifference.

Now, UbiSoft is releasing Watch Dogs 2, later this month, and even if I was not thrilled at the announcement, I must recognize that I am temped ...again. However, it gives me the exact same feeling I had, when I saw the first episode, so I worry I will get the same disappointment at the end.

What's your thought? Do you think that UbiSoft learned from the first game and is releasing a "good" game this time?


by: G-1246

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November 09, 2016

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Yeah, I bought the first game, and felt like I was screwed! The premise is interesting, but the game is very average. I might try WD2, but only when it comes bellow $10.

by: G-1607

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January 02, 2019

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