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What remains to pollute?

We have polluted our air, with our industries, and machine emitting toxic gas.

We have polluted our lands, with pesticides, and chemical of all kinds.

We have polluted our underground, by burying our garbages and all kind of things, including radioactive ones. But from the moment we don't see it, it doesn't exist, isn't it?

We have polluted our rivers, and oceans with the wastes of our society.

We have polluted the Space, with debris of satellites and rockets now orbiting around the Earth. And I bet these debris contain dangerous substances.

We are polluting other planets with our rovers and spacecrafts. Yes, I know you'll tell me these are desert environments, but that is not reason, they are ecosystem on their own, and we are altering them anyhow.

So my question is, what will we do next?

Alessandra S.

by Alessandra on July 19, 2016  ]
in Environment / Ecology / Nature | 3 comments
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July 31, 2017  ]

+1 with Alessandra

It's shame that our civilization, continues to damage more and more our environment. The worse is that we are perfectly aware of all of this. But we continue, over and over again. At some point, we will cause our own extinction. Because no matter of our level of technological advance, once our environment will be ruined, we'll disappear too.

Plenty of sci-fi stories are about extra-terrestrial civilizations, which had to abandon their world after having destroyed it. One day, it might be us.

August 01, 2017  ]

I feel the same way. I feel a great sadness. When we were children, growing up, we learned in school all about social awareness and about keeping our planet clean. Fast-forward 40 years. Not only have we not advanced, we have in fact, moved backwards.

September 30, 2017  ]

Men are very creative you know… we will always find something to destroy, ruin, contaminate, alter,… then ultimately, we'll destroy ourselves,… the full circle. Hopefully life will rise against, and restart it all, without us.


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