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[High Tech]

Hitchbot, victim of human stupidity

RIP Hitchbot... You know this was this tiny hitchhiker robot, standing on the side of the road, awaiting for someone to pick him up. And guess what, I found it great that it worked! It traveled in Canada, then in Germany, car drivers took care of him, that was great experience I think! But this was before it arrived in the USA, and at Philadelphia to be exact! Some jerk destroyed it! Why?! I mean, why such destructive impulse totally free! Is it revealing of the human nature? Of course not, because hundreds or thousands of people crossed the path of Hitchbot and all went well. But I am pissed at the free violence of some! Isn't there better things to do than destroying and breaking things all the time? I bet the guy who did this feels proud of himself, and his virility. Yeah, I am brave, I destroyed a robot, look at me, I am the biggest asshole in the World.

by: G-1166


August 04, 2015 (4 years ago)

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Or the beginning of the rebellion of Humans against the Machines.

With the rise of Artificial intelligence, soon Robots will understand how Humans can represent a menace, ... and you know what is coming next...

by: G-1473

Message #1

September 30, 2018 (14 months ago)

I don't remember who said that Humans are a virus, a microbe or a parasite on Earth.

by: Elixir

Message #2

November 04, 2018 (13 months ago)

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