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WTF: Stargate Atlantis and Universe

1994, Roland Emmerich and Dean Devlin take us on a journey millions of light years away from Earth through the Stargate. I loved the movie, and I think the TV series, "Stargate SG1", was a very good adaptation. I liked the idea of a network of Stargates, the exploration of planets, the encountering with other people, related to different Earth civilizations, and the interaction with them. I also like it when they moved forward, and started to include new alien races, alliances, menaces, etc. Then of course, with time, the series was starting to show signs of exhaustion. So, to give a new pulse, they introduce the spin-off "Stargate: Atlantis", playing on the myth of the legendary lost city. But it clearly didn't have the dimension and depth of SG1, and was rehashing stories, just with different names and places. Then they continued with "Stargate: Universe" and definitively lost all the charisma of "Stargate". It's a pity they tried to over-exploit the success of "Stargate", to the point of ending with something which ruined the franchise. "Atlantis" and "Universe", were featuring good ideas, but not within the context of the "Stagate". They would have been more inspired to use these ideas to create a totally different show, this could have only be better. So overall, it leaves me with a feeling of disappointment.

If they wanted to exploit the concept more, they should have made a spin-off about when Ra reached Earth for the first time, and started to use humans, and installed his cult, as well as how humans rebelled against it up to the burial of the Stargate.

From what I understood, Emmerich and Devlin are planning on developing new "Stargate" film(s) based on their first film. I am curious to know what it will look like, and maybe it will restart the franchise and point it in a new direction.


by: SDot

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March 16, 2015 (4 years ago)

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I loved SG1 and Atlantis but never saw a single episode of Universe. I also loved all the SG1 movies (I think they all went straight to DVD). So...I'd be happy if they brought it back!

by: G-342

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April 15, 2015 (4 years ago)

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