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[High Tech]

Zombies are not the biggest threat in an apocalypse, but our dependency to technologies

Okay, let's take the example of a zombie apocalypse, since it's seems to be what talks the most to people.

Considering our dependency to technologies, if a zombie apocalypse ever occurs, we'll be screwed. The biggest danger will not be because of dead walkers all around trying to bite and convert us to their lifestyle. No, I bet that the biggest threat for survivors will be the disappearing of technologies.
As soon as the electricity will be gone, we'll get lost. No more Internet, or smartphone! Don't laugh, think about it. Look around. How many people are still able to do things without an Internet connection or a smartphone? How many kids still know how to write with a pen and paper, or recite the Multiplication Table? How many surgeons can still practice medical acts without the assistance of electronics and computers?

Technologies are great, and contribute to the improvement of our life, but it's also double-edged. The day the technologies are gone what happens?

The more the technologies progress the more our own aptitudes regress. Is that a progress? Overall, we can still say "yes", as long as there is electricity to power them. But the day the electricity fairy is gone, what will we do? What will still be able to do?

And more generally, we blindly rely on technologies for everything! How many people are crashing their car from the top of an unfinished bridge or wall, because they blindly followed the instructions from their GPS device instead of using their own eyes and brain? How many of us are writing, and letting the computer auto-complete our words or sentences before even we know ourselves what we will type? If tomorrow, someone or something takes over the control of technologies and feed us with wrong information, will we ever notice?

I drifted slightly away, sorry, but all this to say that we should force ourselves to be less dependent of technology, and know how to keep a good balance between technology and our own brain.

by: Kid8287


February 23, 2015 (4 years ago)

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I'm betting if you give a surgeon a steak knife, he can still do a pretty good job if he has enough daylight. Mathematicians, well, who would need them in the future zombie world? I say, we use them as bait! Historians we need to keep, obviously. Yes, the books would last a long time, but my concern is loads of panicking people running around, burning everything in sight. Every time there is a problem, you have loads of people, running around and burning everything in sight, so don't count on the libraries. Now, what to do with military men and cops? On the one hand, they could be very valuable because of their training and sense of order. But I suspect there might be a few nutters in there, so they would still need some civilians over them. Politicians? We keep a few for their skills and keep the rest as bait!

Computer science majors? Oh, they are bait, no hesitation. That is punishment for the heckling in the physics department. Hmmm. Yes...

by: G-801

Message #1

February 21, 2016 (3 years ago)

I'm not worried for mankind surviving. We are incredible little parasites. Whatever happens, we will get by. If an asteroid hit Earth we would simply eat each other.(I really think we would!)

by: G-821

Message #2

February 28, 2016 (3 years ago)

Oh, I totally disagree! I think zombies are our biggest threat. I mean, if a virus came tomorrow and wiped out 2/3 of the world's populations, there would still be hundreds of millions of people left and plenty of technicians, architects, electrical engineers, etc, people who could rebuild society and who could give us back the niceties.
But zombies??? OMG!! We would be totally screwed! Especially if they are the fast-moving species of zombies, the ones that can run your ass down in the street. Terrible. They could infect the entire Earth and then your 1972 SS Nova would be worth crap!
No, no, I would rather face smallpox again, yup. (This is not saying much as I had my vaccine as a baby)

by: G-824

Message #3

March 02, 2016 (3 years ago)

I think the Amish will be able to cope, with a Zombie threat. And they have not paid their phone bill, tsk tsk. There WAS a time before Internet and cellphones, when people got to find out about things, AFTER they got home and watched the news...assuming the electricity is ON.

Movies were made, around the Y2K computer bug, about everything turning to custard (going wrong)... most computers did not go wrong in a major way. One guy hired a video tape for one day, but they did not charge him for 100 years' rental, video has not been out that long...

by: G-960

Message #4

June 09, 2016 (3 years ago)

most computers did not go wrong in a major way
This is because, for a decade, software engineers and developers have worked tirelessly to revise codes and software to fix them so that everything goes smoothly. It's not because a "disaster" did not happen that it meant there was no risk.

by: G-1539

Message #6

October 15, 2018 (12 months ago)

THE biggest threat in an apocalypse is … other people! There will ALWAYS be some good folks, and some bad folks. But, when people get hungry, they WILL TAKE what they need, no matter the cost (harming or even killing those who have what they need). U had better build U up a fairly good sized little community, and U had better have weapons and ammunition … to protect what’s yours. And U cannot be afraid to use deadly force to protect your loved ones!
It won’t be a zombie apocalypse … but, it very well COULD BE a “super-bug” (virus), that wipes out most of humanity. We are already seeing the first signs of this happening. There will always be a few who have a natural immunity … but most will die very quickly. But, U can bet your sweet bippy that those who survive, will definitely be looking for food, medicine, and other necessities!

by: G-1464

Message #5

February 23, 2018 (19 months ago)

Today, an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) will have a bigger impact than a nuclear bomb.

by: G-1572

Message #7

November 03, 2018 (11 months ago)

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