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Why do men pee all around the toilet bowl?

All is in the title, why do men pee all around the toilet bowl?!! I am serious, why is that?!! Sometimes I wonder if this is a contest where the goal is to put urine everywhere excepting in the bowl!

If they can't control their playmobil, then why don't they simply use the toilets sitting? There is no shame in that, and don't tell me this would hurt their virility! There is nothing virile in missing a bowl that big, with an engine that small, and there is no glory in messing around like that! Or is that some kind of primitive instinct which is telling them to mark their territory? Like marking a tree, then stepping in their urine, and walking around to delimiter their land of influence? Sure, I wouldn't want to enter into an area smelling pee!

And as a subsidiary question,... drum rolling... why don't they clean their mess after?

I am waiting for explanations.


Girls, please share this topic around you, post your experience in this matter, and how you are dealing with this. Did you succeed to train your man?



by Sophia on January 09, 2015  ]
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by Still Sarah on January 09, 2015  ]

Sing it, sister!!

I had to train my ex-husband to sit while peeing! Now, he used to wipe down the ring of the toilet with tissue when he used to stand, true, but that is merely spreading the pee-pee all over, so women now have to sit on dried urine!! Stupid men!!! Goddamn, sit down!

And don't tell me you equipment won't stretch, because you little devils start stretching and playing with your equipment from the time you are three years old, so you know damn well you can sit and tinkle! My father never showed my housewife mother such disrespect as to stand and urinate all over the toilet and spray the surrounding areas--what are you guys, bears??

And yes, it makes the entire bathroom smell like urine! Can't you SMELL it yourselves?? Or are you nose-blind to your own pee? I'm thinking men actually can't smell their own pee. Even if you wipe down the john with tissue, that pee smell will remain behind. It lingers in the air. This is why wild animals, like Mountain Lions, piss all over the land!

Anyhow, Sophia, I succeeded to train my man; HOWEVER, when we came closer to divorcing, he became hateful and started to pee standing up again, saying "no woman was going to tell him how to pee". Okay, girl, now tell me he didn't sound like a sulky little boy! Childish, huh?


Still Sarah

January 27, 2015  ]

Generally, I lift the seat. Isn't that what solves the problem? I thought it was not putting the seat back down that was a major male transgression.

by Jeanie on January 27, 2015  ]

You made a point, but still, men pee on the ring, and still splash outside the bowl. Sitting is cleaner.


September 01, 2015  ]


October 16, 2015  ]

sitting isn't cleaner, you sit and now there is bacteria all over your ass.

March 29, 2016  ]

Grow a dick and come with me

May 20, 2017  ]


February 09, 2017  ]

When I sit and pee the backsplash sprays my dick. I'd rather lift the toilet seat. Women are very inconsiderate.

April 04, 2017  ]

Women are inconsiderate??? We are the ones who get down on our knees to wipe up your disgusting crystalized piss off the floor!!! Clean the piss up yourself then you inconsiderate barbarian!!!

July 19, 2017  ]

I'm fucking crying 😂😂😂

June 08, 2017  ]

You are a pig!

August 13, 2015  ]

Not putting the seat down isn't a transgression. It's called "looking before you sit down." I look before I use the toilet. If I have to pee, I lift the seat. If I have to crap, I ensure the seat is down. Why can't women check before they sit down also? That's fair.

February 17, 2016  ]

I live with my bf and his 4 boys so you say why don't us women loom first. I do every time and every time I either have to wipe up their piss off the seat or flush the toilet. Not to mention they have all been asked millions of times to lift seat or wipe it off, even with the "then you can wash the whole toilet and floor around it if you don't " comment.

November 21, 2016  ]

I sit to pee but sometimes I still get the floor wet I guess it sprays between the seat and the bowl at least you don't have to sit in it

February 02, 2017  ]

You still have to hold on to your dick and keep it aimed downward. It's not rocket science.

March 13, 2017  ]

I ask my Husband how hard is it I just cleaned the tolet

January 21, 2017  ]


November 17, 2017  ]

When men pee there's so much force from the urine coming out that when it hits the water it bounces out and lands on the rim and sometimes the floor. I always keep Clorox wipes near I'm a guy and I too find it gross

November 26, 2017  ]

I tried the wipes and he has never used them. I continue to nag about the piss on the floor.. it's so inconsiderate and disgusting. I'm ready to leave.

May 05, 2017  ]

I am a woman and look before I sit. Not an issue. Cleaning pee off the floor is an issue. Really? Would you like it if a woman had her period and dropped blood where you stand to pee?

May 11, 2017  ]

Look before I sit? Men are really too lazy to put down the ring after using the toilet? I'm not touching the pissed-stained ring. Clean it yourself. You are grown men. Or sorry, children I guess.

August 30, 2015  ]

good quotation mark

November 13, 2015  ]

no it does not solve the problem.

January 09, 2017  ]

Ahhh, no, men cant hit the bowl even if they lift the seat first. They still dribble it on the rim and on the floor and the side of the sink or the wall.

May 14, 2017  ]

When they have DIABETES their pee gets pink from the glucose. I've tried ketostix to prove that it is URINE. It is and can be smelled two rooms away!!! I'm talking pink stains all over the outside front of the bowl and a slope towards the adjoining shower. Then there's the bathmat which stinks of urine.

September 11, 2017  ]

Use toilet paper to wipe your dribble off your penis. Dont be a pig. Its digusting to pull your underwear up with pee dribbling everywhere.

January 29, 2018  ]

It is not a matter of aim. I can be pointed perfectly and when it comes out, it goes at a 45 degree angle. I'm not sure what that's about. Also, when it's going straight, the pee hits the water hard and the water also splashes up. But, I find it very rude when men don't clean up after themselves. It's a given, each time you pee guys, you need to make sure there's NO wet anything, anywhere.

March 24, 2017  ]

Sometimes urine runs down the front of the bowl. Often our pants touch the front of the bowl despite our best efforts to avoid it.

by scribeworks on March 26, 2015  ]

Still Sarah,

Ah yes...men who live alone are just bears with furniture.

August 13, 2015  ]

...and that's why he's your ex.

April 04, 2017  ]

Yes because she got tired of cleaning up his crystalized nasty piss off the bathroom floor and walls!!! Now he can live in his own nastiness!!! Good for her for kicking that pig out!!!

October 23, 2015  ]

u women don't understand physics....that's why....at first the pee has pressure....and we can point our thing anywhere we want.....but at the end comes the difficult part, because it starts to drop and we have to be carefull and change position during the process, and that's the part when it falls in different place

November 28, 2015  ]

Then wipe the mess off properly, Einstein

May 15, 2016  ]

Fine... stand and pee....be prepared to spend 15 minutes after each visit to the toilet to mop the floor and clean the toilet bowl inside and outside...it runs down the outside of the bowl... it splashes onto the cabinet, wallpaper, towels and anything and everything in the 3 to 4 foot area... it's just stupid and very rude to continue to disrespect the rest of the family.... and YES! it can be so sticky that your shoes (I would never go barefoot in his bathroom!) stick to the floor... and then walk all over the carpet where the children crawl and play... I will now start wiping up his urine with his underwear and return them to his drawers since he loves it so much... yeah, war is on!!

October 03, 2016  ]

Great idea...just what I needed for leverage. I've tried everything else! I'll warn one more time and explain the consequence.

October 21, 2016  ]


January 28, 2017  ]

LMAO 😂👏👏👏

February 04, 2017  ]

I feel you sister!! I got so mad at my husband about peeing all over the floor I cleaned it up with his shirts.... I can't stand it!!! I'm sleep! I wake to the sound of pee hitting the floor... man I hate it!! Please someone help!!

May 24, 2017  ]

I sit down out of the respect for my wife, when i'm done i wipe off the toilet, but others in my house they piss every where. Me i use shirts toothbrush, whatever i can find of theirs to clean-up the mess. 2 rooms in my house that expect beyond clean is the bathroom and kitchhen.

May 30, 2017  ]

Love it!!!
I am so sick of wiping pee off the toilet, the bowl, the seat, and the floor that I swear I could ring his neck. Piss on them... they should just go outside like the animals they are...lol

June 07, 2017  ]

Way to go!!! I have told the men in this house I will not clean it up.

October 09, 2017  ]

OMG underwear back in the drawer...PERFECT....HA HA HA

January 10, 2016  ]

Then clean it up

January 14, 2016  ]

yes exactly - women its not as simple as you think. Its not just a matter of pointing in the right direction, its also calculating pressure and drops etc...

September 17, 2016  ]

So SIT. DOWN. My entire life my father and brother peed standing up. They were good at wiping off the toilet seat, but that doesn't wipe off the FLOOR. I am back at my parents house for a while and I was complaining about how the bathroom constantly smelled of piss. I asked why that was and my Dad said "because you won't mop the floor". IS HE JOKING???? How in Gods name is it MY fault and MY responsibility to clean your piss off the floor?? I let him have it, too. I told him exactly where he could shove his sexist comments and told him to act like a human being and stop pissing all over the floor like my dog.

October 18, 2016  ]

That's not sexist, but this thread is sexist becuase it is over generalising, which is stereotyping.

October 20, 2016  ]

It's your problem because you are the one it bothers not us

January 11, 2017  ]

Your a pig. The answer is women should have their own bathroom. Men should clean up their own piss. Oh I"m crazy you pigs love the smell and would never clean it.

December 29, 2016  ]

You're right to be disgusted with what you described, and of course, I wouldn' t do what you're complaining about since I sit, but it's not your home, you're a guest and I'd throw you out of if you let me have it.

January 26, 2017  ]

Says the one living in his house but can't contribute to mop the floor

February 20, 2017  ]

My husband can use his own basement toilet that is filthy because I cannot stand to see the streaks down the front of the toilet

January 14, 2016  ]

yes exactly, its more than just aiming - its calculating pressure and how much spray and drip - its not as easy as u think women

July 28, 2016  ]

My boyfriend pees al over the toilet and floor , I hate it go sit God damit!!! If you can't control your wiener!

June 12, 2017  ]

Just sit down though. Us ladies don't really care if some pee splashes on your backside, we have to wipe ourselves when we go to the bathroom too you know.

March 05, 2016  ]


March 26, 2016  ]

You mean to tell me after this many years of peeing you can't properly change position to still get the drips in the bowl? So it sound like if you had male roommates, and your left urine at the foot of the toilet bowl, then you wouldn't mind stepping your bare feet in it while you go to sit down and take a crap.....interesting.

I bet if girls were dripping their menstrual cycle all over the floor....guys would think a bit differently

March 26, 2016  ]

*massive applause*

May 15, 2016  ]

Yeah right, men would faint if we started doing that.

May 17, 2016  ]


August 18, 2016  ]

Here's a solution, guys pee either in the sink or the bathtub b problem solved.
You say sitting down is the answer? I call BS on that. 4 times out of ten, when i sit on the toilet, my penis points to the crack between the bowl and the seat. I make larger messes and soul my clothes more often by sitting down than i do standing. And don't tell me it's a man's problem, my wife says she squirts between the bowl and the seat from time to time as well.
The answer, of course, is to clean up after yourself. Just be considerate of others and realize if you make the mess, clean it the hell up.


September 17, 2016  ]

I have literally never had this problem as a woman. My pee goes down...period. I don't have a problem with men standing up to pee if they clean it up. But they have to realize that it's not only the bowl that gets dirty. They need to mop the floor around the toilet, too. Because I won't be doing it for them. Now, if I was the one peeing on the floor, of course I would clean it up... it's the courteous thing to do. The only person/things I wouldn't expect to clean up their own pee would be my dog and a baby. They have immunity. Grown men and women do not.

October 03, 2016  ]

that is exactly what my husband does - he pisses between the toilet and the seat and gets it all over the bottom of the seat and it runs down the front of the toilet..... ugh

October 20, 2016  ]

I see two issues, a short flaccid penis and the slit is somehow hgunked up and makes the flow more like a sprinkler. I sit and end up peeing through the crack in t he seats and often have wet pants. I may look for a defelctor like we use when training little boys. I am also thinking of using a plastic urinal and then dumping it in the bowl. I had to be catheterized a few months ago and my pee experience has never been the same. I don't have a straight stream any longer so it is going to take some work to figure tis out. I also AM the one who tries to keep the floor clean and between the pee and the air fresheners, it is almost impossible to keep it from being sticky. (Marty)

February 02, 2017  ]

You still have to hold on to your dick and aim down if you're sitting.

February 08, 2017  ]

Only a guy with a little wingman could sit and still make a mess lol

February 27, 2017  ]

Ding! Ding! Ding! Good answer!! You put it there, you pick it up!!

January 29, 2018  ]

Cerasko, Why would you just let loose and piss without pointing your stupid dick down where you want the piss to go?!?! It's not a prehensile tail you nut, it's just a dick.

August 27, 2016  ]

THANK YOU!!! *starts clapping*

January 09, 2017  ]

Yeah. Right on!

January 11, 2017  ]

You all just do not understand men are pigs. They do not care about be clean or thinking that you may be upset about this because they are pigs. In their minds there is nothing wrong with what they are doing. As you can see from the posts they will come up with a million reasons why they can't do what your asking they are not smart enough. Women get your own bathroom. That is what I did, let him live in his mess and you never enter his bathroom. They will never do what your asking because your asking.

May 16, 2017  ]

All any man really wants is to just have a urinal in his house. Is that really too much to ask?

December 29, 2017  ]

The most intelligent fact I heard on this whole site.toilets are not designed for men can’t possibly get all the piss out of there bladder sitting down. If you woman didn’t realize that men have different plumbing and standing is the only way to completely empty the pipe! I guess the women that are bitching so much aren’t getting a mess in the bedroom either. Maybe that’s why the divorce rate is so high!

June 09, 2017  ]

Wow you are so sexist. I really hope you don't have kids, and if you do then got help then, being brought up by someone as bitter and narrow minded must be difficult

January 28, 2017  ]


April 11, 2017  ]

It is absolutely stupid for guys to claim they cannot urinate straight into the bowl. Give up with that lame excuse. Its not difficult. Sure stream may be crooked or a bit odd, or even change a bit toward the end of the flow. Once it happens once you KNOW it happens and you just adjust for it thereafter. Not difficult! Also some guys say it goes all pver first thing in morning due to it being hard at that time. Ok fine, I buy that. But the rest of the day? Its just an excuse. I live with a man and for 10 years have shared one very tiny bathroom with a smaller than average, old toilet bowl/seat. And he has never peed on the floor, I have not even found drops on the seat. He is an average man with a penis that is slightly above average in length, and is no different from any one of you other guys here. Same equipment, same situation. He sits at times and stands at others, neither one has ever left a mess. Another thing, womens urine streams vary too. Mine off and on comes out foreward rather than down. I adjust just like men need to, so it doesnt flow between the seat and toilet bowl base. Finally, I want to know and understand this- can men not STOP or interrupt their urine stream? Because women can stop and start ours at will. If men have the same ability, then you can stop peeing for a sec when stream changes direction and move yourself to where it is going in bowl again. Unless you have some sort of medical disorder or irregularity, like another comment has said he actually does, theres no excuse for leaving a mess. If you can stop urine flow theres even less excuses! I do not believe every man is messy and every woman is not, either. My boyfriend never makes a mess at all! And I know in womens restrooms I find pee snd blood all over at places. So in my case this is NO sexism it is just common Darn sense!!!

September 16, 2016  ]

Sit down you idiot, or hold the damned thing - do you just hang it over the toilet and let it all happen? Filthy disgusting little twerp!

October 03, 2016  ]

Yes, hold it down just like you were taught when you were a little boy learning to go potty.

May 16, 2017  ]

Two problems with sitting down. 1, it takes ages to undue my belt slide my pants down, pee, and then get everything back up and my shirt tucked back in. Ever wonder why there's never a line for the men's room. Because we are efficient AF. 2, mens brains are trained to think when they sit on a bowl, they have to poop. And I don't know about you, but pooping everytime I have to pee sure gets old, plus really really chafey...

June 12, 2017  ]

You know, ladies wear belts too. On top of that, if you have to poop then you have to poop and it's unhealthy to not crap when you need to. 💩

June 07, 2017  ]


November 14, 2015  ]

Men get pissy when they do not get their way as in a divorce or breakup and start leaving the seat up to say, you can not tell me what to do, it is MY house and I will do whatever I want even if you both own the house. I moved into the other bedroom and use the other bathroom. He goes in there every night and leaves the seat up and wakes me up flushing the toilet just because he is mad. He has locked me out of the other bathroom attached to the master bedroom which has two doors. One door from the mud room and the other to the master bedroom which he sleeps in.

April 26, 2016  ]

Sounds like you have a divorce issue not a toilet one.

January 11, 2017  ]

Sounds like someone should sleep with one eye open. In this case you should be wishing you had a penis so you could piss in the open eye.

November 25, 2015  ]

my father sat and read the paper. I would politely knock--'5 minutes'.

December 04, 2015  ]

Sarah. Some men are just filthy, dirty people who don't care about anything except their ownselves. They have no consideration even for themselves. They probably walk around with urinated underwear all the time. They are dirty slobs.

January 22, 2016  ]


February 15, 2016  ]

Venomous Hater. U can't stand mwn, obviously.

January 11, 2017  ]

You can't spell obviously.

February 23, 2016  ]

I am a male who works in security and if you have seen the inside of the male vs female toilets at the end of nights work after everyone has left a venue than you would say different. 8 out of 10 times the female toilets are in a far worse state than the males! I have been told by several women that they sqaut over the toilets so they do not touch the toilets! Try to explain to me how you aim that!!!

February 23, 2016  ]

What is worse, are women who pick up their little boys and let them pee all over the women's toilet rings! That infuriates me! They are the worse at cleaning up after themselves!

May 11, 2017  ]

Men are all pigs. I'm literally disgusted with my man.

January 29, 2018  ]

I am 50 and have never heard/seen anyone use the term
"toilet rings".
Is that a regional thing? In NJ/NY we say toilet seat.
I'm not criticizing at all, I'm just curious.

April 26, 2016  ]

Here here. I've seen that myself and I'm in the same industry. An email had to be sent out to all the staff but was directed at the women to clean up their act. So ladies it appears that some of you are just as disgusting as the men you go on about.

July 09, 2016  ]

Women will never understand this. If we stand, we have the issues that were mentioned earlier about pressure and drops at the end...also at the beginning, it sometimes will burst a beginning blast that is nearly impossible to control.
If we sit...women urinate down but for men, it is out front. Urine goes out to the front rim (sometimes over the rim to wet your pants). That rim does not get rinsed with the flush. So when we go the next time, our penis touches that dirty, germ rim.
Don't presume that sitting is natural, because it is anything but natural. Nature didn't have toilets. By design, we urinate out front, and there is little control.
All that said, my brothers, none of that justifies our making a mess and not having the courtesy to wipe it up.

June 12, 2017  ]

Sit backwards.

August 12, 2017  ]

YOU are brilliant!!!!

March 04, 2016  ]

dear I don't see why we are saying men are nasty. some women are "just dirty nasty people", I have sat on a seat after a woman and either got wet or had to flush. no one woman is cleaner than any one man. that would be stupid to say. if you want to talk say people are dirty and women are territorial and primitive just like all other men

April 26, 2016  ]

An so are some women. We are all individuals and some are worse than others but the door swings both ways im afraid to say if ya cant accept that then perhaps you should all shut the fuck up.

September 16, 2016  ]

yes, agreed.

October 18, 2016  ]


April 11, 2017  ]

As are some, but not all women. It goes both ways with the genders. Some are clean and polite, some are dirty filthy jerks. Some women walk around in days used underwear covered in bloodstains, some women stick used maxipads to public bathroom walls, some women pee themselves but refuse to wear the necessary protective pad for her bladder issue because her " tight clothes will look wrong), but its fine to stink like pee I guess, yuck! Some women never wash their private areas and when I use the bathroom after them I smell the air in there that they stink so bad, is leftover even after shes gone. It makes me gag. I am a woman and I wash more than once a day, shower every day, use tampons only and change them often. I never smell. And my boyfriend is clean and never pees all over, is not dirty. Hed never re wear underwear. Some men are dirty, for sure, but some are NOT! Some women are dirty too, and some, such as myself, are meticulously washed and clean.

December 05, 2015  ]

I an male and have always sat while peeing.the toilet always stays clean.

February 15, 2016  ]

U sold out. U r femenized....

May 17, 2016  ]

I thought it was called a toilet for a reason? Toilet = a place for human's waste, thus dirty

September 17, 2016  ]

Marry me? Haha my ex was from a country where men sit to pee and find it strange when a man stands. He was the best bathroom partner I could have asked for. Everything was always pee-free.

January 11, 2017  ]

Thank you, do you give training classes?

December 26, 2015  ]

I keep a spray bottle of rubbing alcohol next to the toilet and wipe it down with tp. Once a month I wipe down the porcelain with bleach. I don't think being a guy is a good excuse to have a gross toilet.

February 15, 2016  ]

We do it to "piss u off" ha! Like hell I'll be trained to sit and pee. Not happening.

January 09, 2017  ]

If you cant hit the inside of the bowl and you wont sit down then clean up after yourself!

January 11, 2017  ]

Small thinking. I already know that is a man's thinging. How long do you keep a woman? If you have one bless her.

February 17, 2016  ]

I hear ya sister I live with 5 boys ugh and not one even tho asked numerous times can lift seat or wipe or even flush. It enrages me so much that me and my bf have fought about it. I'm not complaining because it happens once in a while it's numerous time a day and the floor around toilet or down front of it is always nasty. But when I say then take turns cleaning it they laugh. No respect and no regard to only female in house. Even tho it's not anything I wish on anyone but I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one.sorry seriously its not fun for anyone

April 07, 2016  ]

I am a guy, and personally I sit down.
Why you ask... it is because of the above....I was being blamed for 'pissing' on the seat, rim, foor....etc.
When then you sit down for almost a year, it becomes habit, and then you cant stop it.
Other than going to a restaurant, and using a urinal which I stand, I always sit period. Saves on clean up, and stress of being blamed for something which I never do.

Now the lifting the toilet seat... I do have to blame it on the women period. If you can use your eyes to sit down or lift or putting it back down, either or, because as a cleanliness you should be putting the lid down before you flush anyways so the splatter doesnt pop back up and get on everything. So in other words, look before you sit and get in the habit of looking.
You assume to much of anyone to put anything back, and then get angry about it. No it isnt a matter of doing it....you are lucky if the guys wash their hands(let alone women), be lucky to even get a seat put down.

Now tieing up with the top, if a guy sits then it is a 2 fold thing
1) No mess,
2) Dont hav to worry about putting the seat down.

But again noone puts the lid down... YES THIS MEANS YOU TOO LADIES!!! Which I find disgusting when I know it has been flushed with the lid up.
Men need to grow a pair of balls and use you head above your shoulders...SIT WHEN YOU TAKE A PISS! IT IS A LOT LESS STRESSFUL!

September 16, 2016  ]

good comment, thank you.

October 20, 2016  ]

Until your balls dip into the toilet water while your sitting. I hate sitting on the toilet for that reason alone. Second flushing the toilet will have water splashing on the floor as well. Some droplets fly away from the main stream and you can watch your self closely and hover over the toilet aiming for center bowl and you will find droplets on the seat. Lift it no big, but if they land on the seat where else are those droplets going and how many are coming from the toilet water splashing back out. Here is a novel idea put in a urinal.

January 29, 2018  ]

#238 - Your BALLS touch the water?? Either the water is way too high or your balls are crazy hangers. Do you tuck those suckers in your socks? That's CRAZY... Sometimes when you crap a piece sticks up out of the water. That means your balls are slapping against the crap in the toilet. YIKES!

June 20, 2016  ]

The pig arrogance of a woman talking about "training" her man is nauseating. I sure hope you are divorced. You must be a monster to live with.

by Miss B. on June 20, 2016  ]

What do you other posters think? Should I delete this guy, or would you like to give him some of your thoughts?

October 18, 2016  ]

Imagine the drama caused if a male said that he needed to train his woman.

February 25, 2017  ]

Men say that all the time in other contexts. 'Drama' doesn't occur until years of taking silent abuse. Drama is immediate in men and then forgotten by them, but women get to hear it, like a broken record, over and over again.

January 11, 2017  ]

If men would think about someone other than themselves women would not be talking about this at all. Do you clean the bathroom at your house all the time. I know growing up with 6 men in the house I could not wait to get out and get my own place. I did that at 14.

October 19, 2016  ]

Seriously shut the fuck up!

October 20, 2016  ]

Hit a little close to home did it? How controlling does someone need to be to get to they level where they "Train their man" now to pee?

February 08, 2017  ]

I have been married for 10 years. We have three daughters, at one time or another all three of them have fallen in an unflushed toilet full of their father's urine. There are four ladies in this house and one man and he has a bathroom all to himself because he pees everywhere, on the wall the floor, the back of the toilet tank and he still gets up in the middle of the night and pees all over the girls' bathroom because it is five feet closer than his. Now I grew up with two brothers and a father and never ever had this problem because my mother would have beat any of them for leaving a mess in the bathroom.

January 05, 2018  ]

My husband has OCD so we always have a super clean main toilet. The problem is when we have male visitors. What a mess most of them leave. If my husband can urinate properly why can't the others. It leaves him so stressed cleaning it up that I'm beginning to not invite only friends. What can you do. Any ideas anyone? I can live with his OCD quite well as he does most of the cleaning and doesn't complain because he knows he has this condition. Our last visitor the whole house had to be cleaned because he wee everywhere and trampled it throughout the house. Absolute pig.

by Still Sarah on January 05, 2018  ]

It's really hard when it's a friend. With me, if it's only one person, I can nicely but firmly confront them. But you know, they might not come over again, because guys scare easily, lol

The man that trampled urine all through the house-- I just could never invite him again. This is not a few drops. I don't think a private talk would do anything, unless perhaps your husband did the talk. I hope the other posters give some advise, because I really don't know what to do either.


October 20, 2016  ]

clearly you just hate men or the fact that you do not have total control over all of them. The only comments you entertain are those suggesting that men sit and those where men reject it are met with harshness. You have no idea about the myriad of things that men have to deal with, our lack of complaint is not an indication that we have it so easy. It is just we have been taught that moaning and groaning about everything is inappropriate. Sitting opens the possibility that the entire stream goes through the gap on to your pants or the floor, making a much bigger mess to clean. Then there is the possibility of dunking the genitals in the water, leaning forward to prevent the gap pee increases the likely hood of this. Forget trying to sit to pee when you have an erection, standing is tough enough when your almost laying on the toilet. Flushing does cause spray, I had to "train" my wife to put the lid down before flushing to increase the hygiene in the bathroom. We also split the cleaning duty. There is no excuse for not lifting the seat if you have to lift everything and no excuse for not putting the seat down if you always close the lid.

January 29, 2018  ]

I think she hates having to deal with other people's PISS!!!!
You FUCKING MORON!! Who sits on the toilet and DOESN't point their damn DICK where you want the piss to go???? You just sit and let the piss fly without directing your stupid dick DOWN?! WTF!

January 10, 2017  ]

the thing with peeing, for a guy, is that 80% of the time, there's no real problems, just maybe a dribble and then i clean it up. but the other 20% ranges from: the downward/left/right high pressure start, the double stream, the triple stream (very rare), the spray (not a solid line, if you dont shoot for the middle its going outside), the twister, and sometimes the pee will change course in the middle of the pee. (thats why urinals are so tall/wide/and sticks out a little more, for the downward drop). now we could sit down, but we know most of the time nothings gonna happen, and its probably going to be fast. when were at work/school/or out for a big portion of our day always using urinals when we pee, so when we pee we dont have to worry about missing or the 20%, so when we get home we forget about the 20% and just pee like usual and then a stupid thing happens. and when guys pee we pee in urinals side by side, not behind a locked door, so when we dont lock or shut the bathroom door, its because we never do it anywhere else.

January 11, 2017  ]

Understood please just clean up after yourself. Problem solved.

May 30, 2017  ]

So all facilities (homes in particular) should have a urinal powder room so men can stand and splash to their heart's content. Seriously. Because there is no cure for the misaiming, dribbling, and splashing-- not even sitting down, for then many men pee straight forward, out the front of the toilet, making a mess of the seat, the toilet and the floor.

May 21, 2017  ]

Warning ladies, it gets worse with age! My husband is 64 and I keep Lysol or Clorox wipes beside the toilet because he can't pee without dripping on the toilet and the floor. I used to fuss but after all these years, I use another bathroom and when I do go into his bathroom, I wear flip flops, latex gloves and reach for the Lysol/Clorox wipes immediately. Don't know he can't remember to clean it up or SEE the pee

September 21, 2017  ]

You’re both (Sarah and Sophia) a couple of idiots. Sarah, no wonder you’re divorced. You both sound like a nightmare to deal with. Sure this problem is frustrating but I think the both of you have angst against men beyond the frustration of urine all over the place. If I lived with either of you, I’d probably pee everywhere I could.

by Jeanie on January 09, 2015  ]

Oh, God, Sophia, I have a story.

When I was in college, I had my own little house-cleaning business and always, the MOST disgusting and the FILTHIEST men and boys in the bathrooms were from the wealthiest families! I cannot begin to tell you what I found in the bathrooms. I would go in and there would be a layer of dried urine on the FLOOR all about the toilet, as if the tiles themselves were made of urine. The stench was incredible. I can't imagine how they managed to build up so much pee, unless all their pals were also pissing all over. There would be splashes of pee against the walls, too. Needless to say, the toilet rings were covered. When I kneeled to clean the floors, I was forced to kneel in dried urine.

This problem with male filth, more than anything, even bad pay, was what made me quit cleaning houses. This is my experience, Sophia.


June 17, 2015  ]

And those wealthy women of the house contributed to it as well,you can bet your crystal clean perfection.

December 04, 2015  ]

The "perfect" housewife/mother does your husband no favors by doing absolutely everything for them. Men like this have no ability to properly take care of themselves because they don't even realize their surroundings are not pristine like mama used to keep them.

February 09, 2016  ]

My husband is filthy rich and filthy dirty. I on the other hand am very clean a little ocd I would say but no matter how much you clean up the mess he messes it up right away. I gave up so we don't ever share toilets.

February 25, 2017  ]

I'm not filthy rich. I do pee standing up, but I manage to either a) hit the toilet, or b) clean up after myself. I even manage to do that at work - because I hate to step in someone else's piss when they miss, and I would hate to be the one who had to clean up after me in the event I did make a mess.

I believe there is a correlation between wealth and overall disregard for people and their surroundings. The folks who have lived with wealth all their lives are more likely to feel entitled to do what they want because (the maid, mom, dad, butler) will take care of any messes they make, be it in the toilet or other places and situations for that matter. While this isn't 100% true - I have observed, and attempted to correct fellow human males in the errors of their ways with limited success.

I would hate to see what Donald Trump's golden toilet looks like after he has a pee-fest at Trump Tower.

June 04, 2016  ]

There is a difference between 'crystal clean perfection' and just having general huge one standards and not fucking pissing all over you absolute scruff

August 04, 2015  ]

So we're they pee'ing or pissing?

December 09, 2015  ]

i mean, the entire reason you were hired, was to get rid of the filth... what did you expect? The people who were already clean to hire you?

December 09, 2015  ]

i mean, the entire reason you were hired, was to get rid of the filth... what did you expect? The people who were already clean to hire you?

January 12, 2015  ]

Clearly you need your own bathroom, or install a urinal for the man.. The problem is not hitting the target, it's the fact that the toilet is a long way down and no matter how accurate he is there is splash back... And we do just fine until a woman wants to tell us how to do our business.. Live by yourself if you don't like it.

by Still Sarah on January 12, 2015  ]

What a lot of crap! If you SAT on the john, then the only splashback problem you would have would be on your own little butt, not on the butt of the next person who sat down(or who had to clean the bathroom). Admit it, you're just playing the little caveman savage, running around and spreading your scent.

And your last comment, "live by yourself if you don't like it" just proves our points. Childish and sulky. Little savage.

Still Sarah

May 03, 2015  ]

I agree! What a load of crap to say that! Men are evidently unaware what hygiene is. Start sitting down, or buy your own toilet, and start cleaning up your mess!!

May 30, 2015  ]

Haha buy your own toilet... Oh that is funny. It should remind (most-not all!) of you who actually owns that toilet in the first place. Why don't you who complain go out and get your own girlie potty since you complain so much! And guys that "bring home the bacon", stop actin like a b*tch and do whatever you want in the toilet YOU OWN.

September 17, 2016  ]

Wow...a pig and sexist. Girls must feel lucky to be with you. The majority of households today consist of equal pay from the male and female. Some are completely owned by the female. Some are completely owned by the male. But guess what...A RELATIONSHIP/MARRIAGE IS A GAME FOR TWO PEOPLE. Doesn't matter in the slightest whos damn toilet it is. The point is RESPECTING your partner. That mens cleaning up your pee as a male and cleaning up your period blood/making sure the bloody napkins and tampons are completely covered in the trash can as a woman.

October 03, 2016  ]

Well said...it's all about respect.

October 16, 2015  ]

But if I sit the water is too cold!

June 24, 2015  ]

I HAVE sat down numerous times to urinate, but sometimes the urine can spray between the toilet seat and the front edge of the toilet itself onto the floor at the front of the toilet. I much prefer to stand, but sometimes Mother Nature tells me that I'm going to have to go #1 and #2 simultaneously, and with my IBS, I'm given about .35 seconds to decide. I clean up after I urinate; I doubt that you can tell I've even been there, although I might use half a roll of toilet paper in the process, so it can be an expensive activity. Don't forget to add in 2 or more flushes to take care of all the paperwork. If you want a bad smell, try sitting on the john immediately after a menstruating woman has used it; the mere thought makes me want to barf.

September 23, 2015  ]

and its a worldwide problem... the women should take it to UN... greetings from Brazil, where when i pee seated, it also does out trought the front of the toilet...

November 03, 2015  ]

I agree. To keep Mrs god happy I sit, and just sometimes it comes between the seat and bowl - and thos is AFTER you... ummm... prepare yourself to avoid just that. Sitting isn't infallible but does improve the situation. A few folds of paper to wipe the floor (with about 1/3rd wet) is my fix.

I sympathise and like most men would prefer it did not happen - but it can and does. At least some of us try (more than you suspect I think).

If anyone comes up with a better idea, say so because some of us WILL try it.

by Miss B. on November 03, 2015  ]

I keep goodies in cute containers in my bathroom. One of them has folded paper towels. Just stick one in the front, between the bowl and the lid, where you say the pee comes. Another container of mine has the little white plastic bags that I keep for butt wipes, 4-gallon ones. Use them. My bathroom is stocked for comfort. There is nothing you can't do in it and stay fresh and comfy!

November 08, 2015  ]

Hahahahah Cheers to that.. And in my experience in foodservice... it was always the ladies room that was the worst to clean.

November 14, 2015  ]

You're right there!!! I worked USDA for 31 years and one of my inplant jobs was to make checks every where and most of the time when I checked the bathrooms, I found the womens really rank. Now don't get me wrong, the mens bathroom was bad also, and the reason for this is there are some people (men and women) that don't throw their paper in the toilet after wiping, they throw it on the floor next to the toilet. I also think one problem that some women have (like my wife) is it really irks them where we can go outside and take care of business where they CAN'T and with that at least they can't grip about dribbling on the seat. HAHAHA!!!

December 12, 2015  ]

Great! I agree. Ban all public bathrooms for men and make women's bathrooms bigger and more luxurious with sofas and plush chairs and charging stations for phones and tablets and plush changing areas for babies. Let the men hang their stuff out outside like they were meant to!

July 21, 2016  ]

BOTH men and women can 'take care of business' outside, because BOTH men and women were once cavemen and women with only the great outdoors as a toilet. It's just harder for women because they have to squat so as to prevent the pee from dribbiling down their legs.

December 22, 2016  ]

Actually, one of the darkest periods of my life was the year and a half that my husband and I lived in a camp trailer in the middle of the desert for his job (he's a miner.) It was awful, the two of us and three dogs sharing a little space. We had no toilet. The plus side to this was that we BOTH went mimi outside--he had his spot and I had mine, and the dogs, of course, all had theirs. For a number two, we drove down to the BLM office where they had a public toilet. (Or if it was imminent, you got a shovel and dug a hole.) It sounds barbaric but it was actually quite nice--no toilet to clean, no urine on the toilet seat, no squabbling over that. Now we have a beautiful new house in town and we are back to sharing a bathroom--and hubby still thinks he's peeing outside, I guess.

by scribeworks on March 26, 2015  ]

On the matter of inaccuracy, you should try living in Canada, where little boys are not automatically circumcised (America and Israel are the only two nations in the world with the tradition). Imagine a garden hose with a sprinkler nozzle...that is why in some parts of Europe they have his and hers toilets side by side.

June 28, 2015  ]

I've got some analogies for you too. Try removing the end of a tap (especially quarter-turn ball-valve tap) and watch the flow.
Try shooting a target with a gun with no barrel.
Sometimes, the foreskin is a help, sometimes a hindrance (regarding aiming). It'd be a long story to detail every aspect of it...

I lift the seat, no way I'll sit down to pee.

October 10, 2015  ]

So it sounds like you are perfectly fine with the pee splash back going all over everywhere. You are just fine with the nastiness of it and the accumulating dry urine smell doesn't bother you at all. After all you are the male and this is your man cave and like a dog you like to mark your territory and piss on it! Of what percentage of male population has your attitude about hygiene?

November 22, 2015  ]

Pew pew pew pew......

Pew,pew,pew,pew, pew,pew,pew,pew....
December 04, 2015  ]

You clearly do

July 17, 2016  ]

I clean in a hospital and never had to lean a urnal until this time. The urnals have pee on the walls, floors and the urnal itself. Men are just plain nasty and don't give a shit.

January 13, 2015  ]

I am a man and I started to sit to pee when I was around twenty(I'm 68 now) out of respect for my wife. I read one time that urine can splash as far a 6 to 7 feet. That done is for me. Men if it is not long enough to dangle point it down with your hand . If you won't do it for the woman you love then you are an asshole.

by Still Sarah on January 13, 2015  ]


by scribeworks on March 26, 2015  ]

I surrendered to the rationale of the piss-carefully nagging after I walked into an airplane bathroom with only socks on my feet.

June 11, 2015  ]

My son when he was seven or so didn't try to aim. The bathroom reeked. But when I talked to him, he insisted he could not do better. So I started cleaning the bathroom three times a day, just to take the stink out of the room. I got fed up with that and told him what I had been doing because he did not aim. "You are going to clean the bathroom three times a day like I have been. If you are at a friend's house when it is time to clean the bathroom, you will have to come home and clean it. You may go back to your friend's house when you are done."

Somehow he managed to aim perfectly after a day or two. Problem solved.

December 01, 2015  ]

Thank you for that. I am late to this party, but my father taught my brothers to sit to urinate when at home. My husband does the same. It is not unmanly or undignified.
After all, would one pour one's coffee from two feet above the cup? If a man insists on standing, he should be in front of a tree.

January 04, 2016  ]

I would love for you to talk to my hubby. Hes driving me crazy peeing all over the seat etc.

October 03, 2016  ]

You're a gem. Respect gets respect. Thank you.

January 18, 2015  ]

I remember my mom complaining about us boys "missing the toilet". I thought that if the pee stream hit the water, then all was okay. I thought my brothers must be the ones "missing the toilet". I didn't realize that tiny droplets were bouncing out of the toilet onto the floor, and I didn't smell anything - women have more sensitive noses, and notice well before men do. As an adult it finally dawned on me what was happening and now I sit down to pee, yes out of respect for everyone.

by Still Sarah on January 18, 2015  ]

Thank you--such a gentleman

Still Sarah

October 12, 2015  ]

I am 35 years old and was just wondering if we should aim at the water or the porcelain. Wondered this for a long time. Always tried to clean around the top with tissue after I was done (never peed with seat down, always lifted it up). But have noticed that no matter where it hits, it seems like no matter what pee was splashing out. So after reading this I am going to start sitting down. 1) Out of respect 2) For whomever has to clean

October 03, 2016  ]

Yes. A gentlemen.

by Sophia on January 18, 2015  ]

Wow boys, I am pleasantly surprised by all your comments, that's amazing! Your girls should feel gifted. I hope this will give ideas to others.Thanks again!


January 19, 2015  ]

Don't see any mischievousness in my question, but all of the above talks, made me wonder if the flushing of the toilets could also produce splash out of the bowl?


by scribeworks on March 26, 2015  ]

No no Peter, that's the story we must save for when we walk out of the bathroom with big wet spots on our pants.

November 11, 2016  ]

That's why I always close the lid when I flush.

January 20, 2015  ]

Complain to pants manufacturers, have them remove zippers. If we have to take them down to pee , maybe we might as well have a sit

January 20, 2015  ]

A gentleman living in a household including a woman or women, sits on the throne and urinates eliminating the problem of whether the toilet seat is up or down. It's all about respect for others. I was raised in a household of six sisters and have always shown this respect for them!

by Still Sarah on January 20, 2015  ]

Thank you, sir!

Still Sarah

January 21, 2015  ]

All you women need to get a life. And all you men who sit are sissies

by Still Sarah on January 21, 2015  ]

I think you wore diapers too long.

Still Sarah

January 26, 2015  ]

I'll second that. The women in this format are very angry towards men and the only place that can originally come from is their fathers or maybe an uncle but something happened a long time ago when they were just children. Respect of men towards women should be the same respect of women towards men it goes both ways laddies.

by Jeanie on January 27, 2015  ]

Are you joking with that trauma from Daddy in that past bull?? Women are mad because they are sick of coming into the bathroom to use or clean it and fining splashed or layers of dried urine on the toilet and/or floor surround the throne. A few men were raised better and a few more are just naturally clean, but at least the simple majority were not. And what do you mean by, "respect" works both ways? I mean, do I throw my used tampon into your breakfast cereal bowl? Does your woman do that? Because all right, if she does, then you have a good argument. Just take a sit and point your jewels down. It's not that hard and you don't have to be John Holmes, really.


by scribeworks on March 26, 2015  ]

"something happened a long time ago" adds a Freudian aspect to the question. Actually I think I agree with you (and Freud). Maybe its all part of penis envy; they're just mad because they can't piss on the floor without messing up their new shoes.

November 03, 2015  ]

Of all the things I have been called (an awful lot I might add), sissy has never been one, until now.

My wife only just started mentioning it but it clearly bothered her a lot longer. My previous wife trained me to put the seat flap down and this one has persuaded me to now sit - as a courtesy to her. I do. After all, I do not have a huge audience and (hopefully) on here anonymously, so although I do not really care, still, nobody knows.

It comes down to this. Do you want to show your wife respect or show how tough you are by digging into your position and refusing to budge. Real manly that.

She took a long time to say anything and I just know it bothers her more than she says. So I do as she asks, and wipe the floor if the 'stream between the bowl and rim' thing happens. And it does - the problem may be improved but not fixed. Not because I didn't try tho.

November 03, 2015  ]

Of all the things I have been called (an awful lot I might add), sissy has never been one, until now.

My wife only just started mentioning it but it clearly bothered her a lot longer. My previous wife trained me to put the seat flap down and this one has persuaded me to now sit - as a courtesy to her. I do. After all, I do not have a huge audience and (hopefully) on here anonymously, so although I do not really care, still, nobody knows.

It comes down to this. Do you want to show your wife respect or show how tough you are by digging into your position and refusing to budge. Real manly that.

She took a long time to say anything and I just know it bothers her more than she says. So I do as she asks, and wipe the floor if the 'stream between the bowl and rim' thing happens. And it does - the problem may be improved but not fixed. Not because I didn't try tho.

January 13, 2016  ]

Then you clean the bathroom dont make your lady do it!

January 13, 2016  ]

Youre not a man if you dont respect women and their complaint about your piss all over the floor and wall. If you cant keep all of it inside the toliet sit your ass down!

January 23, 2015  ]

And that is why men should pee with the toilet seat up. And in a mixed gender bathroom, the toilet seat should not be left in the down position; a lazy, tired or drunk guy could just tinkle on the seat. Of course, the proper toilet position is with everything (including cover) down; women and men pooping lift just the lid, men peeing lift lid & seat. Nothing falls into the toilet bowl accidentally.

January 25, 2015  ]

So overall (and from what I understand), urinating in the sink would be more hygienic than to piss standing at the toilets.

by scribeworks on March 26, 2015  ]

There you go...its all rational.

October 07, 2015  ]

It would be actually. It's sterile, and the smell could be easily removed as could any unlikely bacteria in the urine with antibacterial soap. I definitely wouldn't suggest it as it's terrible housekeeping, but it's not untrue.

February 27, 2016  ]

Giant myth alert - pee is NOT sterile people. It has a very small amount of bacteria inside the body of a healthy person (hence the myth that it is 'sterile') but once it leaves you it's a host for all kinds of nasty.

January 26, 2015  ]

Here's a valid reason why men miss the bowl... sometimes the "opening" (for lack of a better term) is not pointed straight ahead, and the pee can shoot out sideways. This is often the case after a man has ejaculated, or sometimes just from it rubbing in his briefs or whatever. The skin around the head becomes slightly skewed, thereby shooting piss at different angles, sideways, downward, everywhere. Also, young guys have a strong stream, it comes out like a dam has let out, so that can be why they sometimes get sloppy with it. I was a little more messy when I was a kid, which is natural anyhow. As you get older you learn to have better hygiene. And just for the record I prefer to pee sitting down just for the comfort of it, and I lean forward so it doesn't hit up against the front of the bowl. Simple gents... it's not rocket science.

January 28, 2015  ]

Remember, in CSI episodes, or other shows of this kind, each time they use their ultra violet lights, in public bathrooms, there is traces of fluids, up to the ceiling! EWWWWWW OMG, I know this is a TV show, but I bet that the reality is not much different, and I worry to know what my bathroom looks like now!


by scribeworks on March 26, 2015  ]

Up to the ceiling?! Must have been a male spider marking its territory. Arachnids have poor manners.

January 29, 2015  ]

Having done a bit of janitor work - I can tell you "The nastiest bath rooms are those of the girls!!" Dirty underwear - bloody rags - and smell!!
I'll stay in the boys , Thank You Very Much!!

April 09, 2015  ]

I was a janitor in a high school, the boys bathroom was always the Worst. What I did not like about the girls was not all the girls some of the adults would sometimes never answer when I asked if any body was in there---R.R.R.

January 30, 2015  ]

Marking Territory.

January 31, 2015  ]

Funny stuff.

February 04, 2015  ]


February 02, 2015  ]

As a self respecting male I only see these insulting remarks as the puerile,belligerent,antagonism of a female trying vociferously to proselytise others in their usual provocative ,albeit ineffective, manner. However trivial and insignificant, private or personal the issue, they MUST have the final say to justify ,verbosely their opinion relative or otherwise,with this subject it would be considered decent and prudent to err on the side of social etiquette and fermer la bouche.

February 18, 2015  ]

So, is this a good or bad thing?

by scribeworks on March 26, 2015  ]

To # 27,

Woww! Do you pee adjectives?

October 10, 2015  ]

While you were trying to sound intelligent actually that was just a bunch of bullshit. You must be a habitual offender of missing the mark.

October 21, 2016  ]

Well speak in plain English instead of French so we can understand you. THX

February 15, 2015  ]

Actually the marksmanship or lack there of is shared by both sexes. An easy fix is to clean up after yourself simply. You can get on your knees as well. But before women cast the first stone ...I can't tell you , in my over 60 years on this earth how many women I have followed that spray all "under" the Lid and the front rim. Even running down the front of the bowl. Raise the Lid and it runs backward down the Lid to the hinges etc.. Hard to clean also. So I just profess a little diligence in cleaning up your own messes and thinking about the next gu uh.....person.

February 17, 2015  ]

Women are responsible because it is the female of the species who teaches offspring how to do things. For cryin' out loud, teach the little boys to sit down right from day one! Men will only sit down to pee when they have to clean the toilet. That is, if they care at all. SIT DOWN TO PEE!

by Miss B. on February 17, 2015  ]

You bring up a couple of good points, although it would be nice to see father do some tutoring.

February 18, 2015  ]

how can a man sit down to pee it just feels so wrong

February 22, 2015  ]

Why do females act deliberately stupid like they've never seen a penis. I'll tell you why men pee all over the place. A toilet is designed for those with openings between their legs and straight down. A penis is at an angle. Standing, the stream begins straight out and slowly curves down as you finish. Sitting, the stream is straight ahead, NOT down. Blame God. Or design a better toilet for men. Oh wait, we have one, called a bathroom sink.

by Still Sarah on February 23, 2015  ]

Hey, fella, a female does NOT pee "straight down", as you claim. I think you need to learn about the female anatomy a little. Her peeing equipment is slightly in front(not in the middle like you said) and her stream arcs a bit forward, so if SHE can pee on the john without making a mess, so can you, especially since YOU men can adjust more than a female can. So there.

Still Sarah

February 27, 2015  ]

Because we can. As to why we do not clean up the mess. That is why we have wives.

May 12, 2015  ]

I worked as a janitor and the women were the pigs in the bathroom, not flushing toilets, leaving sanitary napkins(used) on the floors or plugging toilets with them. Just disgusting and the worst smell. They might look good for the public to see, but they did not have any consideration in a place men could not see. Real pigs!

October 21, 2016  ]

That is not what a wife is for, to clean up your piss buddy, and I will never clean up a mans piss either. You are disrespectful and an ass to think that the reason you have a wife is to clean up your piss, we are not dogs and don't you forget it.

January 13, 2016  ]

Youre gross! If you peed in my sink Id bite your dick!

February 24, 2015  ]

I clean the bathrooms at my job and the womens bathroom is always clean, as for the men its disgusting, they don't flush the urinals or the toilets, and pee is all over the floor its so gross

March 12, 2016  ]

My wife worked cleaning washrooms for 25 years, always said the female washrooms were far dirtier than the men's.

by PabloSP on February 27, 2015  ]

At first, it might seem to be a frivolous topic, but I think it is representative of the respect we should have to each others, which is the basis of the well live in the society.

Pablo (Spain)

February 28, 2015  ]

Simply to say that, I find it funny to see ads on this page, about "preventing dog accidents", and "potty training", LOL. May be we should use this to train men LOL.

March 09, 2015  ]

Some men have scars in the urethra that cause the urine to spray like a garden hose with a thumb on the end. Try to aim the spraying garden hose and you will find out aim does not matter. Real men pee in the shower or outside.

by scribeworks on March 26, 2015  ]

In the shower?! Oh no! please dont remind Sarah about that !

March 21, 2015  ]

The really importance here is not the question Why do men pee all around the toilet bowl? Is how many times dumb Women were so lazy to look down before they sat on a toilet lid cover in piss? Maybe your Man can train you the proper way "Look Down" "Turn On A Light before you squat" etc. If by chance you disregard the teaching and sit on a piss cover toilet lid, Lift the lid up, squat back down and use it as a Bidet.

March 27, 2015  ]

Why would you pee with the toilet seat down in the first place? You must not mind sitting in your own piss cause you may Have to sit the next time and be the next one to use that toilet. Think about that the next time You pee.

by Jakebreake on March 24, 2015  ]

When I went back to my parents house yrs after moving out and saw the mag rack next to the toilet, how rusty it was, that did it. Been sitting ever since. No big deal to sit guys. Alot less of a mess too.

by scribeworks on March 26, 2015  ]

To # 42,
Which closes the discussion with a sudden memory recall for me about a book I once read called Portnov's Complaint (they also made a movie of it). Think of a penis, raw liver, and a freezer.

by SDot on March 27, 2015  ]

For those who say it's anatomically impossible for a man to urinate sitting down, and at the risk of breaking a secret, I will point out that most of the time, when we defecate, we also took the opportunity to urinate and it's working fine...


February 17, 2016  ]

Omg, SDot, all this time on the boards, I thought you were a woman, because part of your name is Dot! Well, I'm embarrassed!

April 29, 2015  ]

Keep a book or magazine adjacent to the toilet....it is difficult to read a passage trying to hold the book steady with one hand while aiming for the toilet utilizing the free hand. Being an avid toilet/bath reader led me to a life of sitting on the commode. I am amazed when I need to use a public urinal and discover that many men/boys seem unable to hit the mark at even this proximal range! The only drawback to sitting is the requirement to lower one's trousers which can only be safely done at home where both the seat and floor can be kept in a mostly sanitary state......

May 08, 2015  ]

Men do not pee on the bowl seat. If you pour water through a straw from 2 feet it will splash. What should be asked is: "Why is there pee on the floor around a urinal in a rest room." Ans.: Because their mothers told them as children that rest rooms were "FILTHY!". So men stopped standing close enough to the urinals and when they finished; the penis is still dripping and leaves pee on the floor. After about 30 men pass through, one can imagine how large a puddle has been left. I see it, at fast food restaurants especially, all the time.

May 14, 2015  ]

Nothing so important as the daily rituals.
YUri Nation

May 25, 2015  ]

And please, ladies. Remember to lift the seat when you have finished, ready for the next user. it's just a simple courtesy.

September 17, 2016  ]

Very flawed argument. Do men poop standing up too? Oh, what? They SIT? Hmm. It seems 3/4 of toilet activities are done sitting down. Men popping, women pooping and women peeing. That leaves only men peeing or 1/4 of the bathroom activities done standing up. Seems to me that the odds have it--men are responsible for lifting and putting down the lid, as they are the only ones who need to do such a thing.

June 01, 2015  ]

There is nothing worse than walking into a public men's room and seeing urine all over the floor in front of the urinals.
They cannot even direct their stream into the urinals.
Some men can be so careless and filthy! This is from a man who finds it totally disgusting!

June 04, 2015  ]

I am a man, but I like to think I am not of the "pig" status. I DO sit down out of respect for others unless I am in one of those hopelessly filthy roadside restrooms. Some men seem to have the idea that it is "macho" to take aim from 6 ft. away and let fire. Even if they hit their target, water from the bowl splashes everywhere... And who really wishes everyone within 50 feet of the bathroom to hear your urinating anyway. Just sit down like an adult should, and take a nice quiet, clean leak.

June 04, 2015  ]

Might be off topic, but I wonder if this is the same all around the World?

June 07, 2015  ]

I would think it's a problem when you're circumsized, I tried peeing with my skin pulled back once and it came out more like - spraying everywhere. My bathroom is clean and I pee standing...

June 14, 2015  ]

Short answer - No.
Longer answer - No, that is not the case. I'm not circumsiced but I always pee with my skin pulled back - ironically to your comment though is, that I do so to aim better and have control of how the flow exit rather than have it follow your skins pattern at that moment.(Not ''spraying everywhere'')

June 11, 2015  ]

The angle when sitting is not conducive to fully voiding the bladder. If it's a night emergency, I may indeed sit down, to avoid turning on the light and waking up the little woman. However, most of the time, I do it standing up. I stand close enough that I don't miss. To say "men" pee all over the place is like saying "women" don't know how to use a screwdriver. Perhaps the men in your life have trouble aiming, but I hardly think that's the majority. If it makes you feel superior to blame half the human race, be my guest.

June 14, 2015  ]

Being a Male, I find this subject just kinda ridiculous, but at the same time I can see from what point of view females are coming with this from. Familiar with how friends and many other men are in general, I know these complaints are not wholeheartedly untrue - doesn't mean women who does wrong don't exist though, but that's not the subject.
Out of courtesy and if asked by their loved one, the men could be nice and sit down - not that it should be a necessity unless the man has no logic or understanding of how the world functions that is. Obviously gonna be splashing if high speed jets of water hit a still lake - but not so much if the jet is angled, or almost at all if the angle is steep enough.

I personally lift up the seat beforehand, aim for the side of the toilet to get minimal splashing, less than you would sitting very often, and end up with closing both lids. It's not more unhygienic in any way since the sides are flushed by water regardless, and without the splashes it doesn't end up anywhere the flush don't reach.

I'm sure someone will find some way to complain over it, to argue in favour of sitting, but that doesn't really matter. I hate cleaning/dishes etc etc.. thus instead take precautions to not get places dirty in the first place - being hygienic that way works for me.

June 18, 2015  ]

Ask a fireman about holding a pressured hose very still........

June 30, 2015  ]

I am constantly irritated by going into a public stall to do a #2, and finding the U-shaped toilet seat wet with drops of pee. I believe the U-shaped seat was to eliminate the portion of the seat where most dripping would have occurred.
- Not only are so many jerks too damn lazy to put the seat up, but worse, so many of these jerks are TOO LAZY to have the decency to WASH THEIR HANDS AFTER USING THE FACILITIES!!! UGH!

July 12, 2015  ]

Of all these comments #29 was the only one that mention that women often have an aiming problem too. As one of the gals pointed out, pee doesn't exit their bodies straight down. I've had gals use my bachelor toilet and leave a mess which they seldom see because it comes out between the seat (the part with the big hole in it, NOT the LID) and the toilet rim, leaving pee on the floor and running down the front of the stool. And I know it's NOT mine because over the years I've learned that a lazy bachelor has less work to do if he doesn't make a mess in the first place. In other words yours truly sits down and AIMS down. Imagine my chagrin when I see that it's my girlfriend that's the slob in this scenario! Girls you can learn to aim too. Just lean forward a bit to get that stream headed downward.

There...now you've heard it all, a guy telling women how to pee.
BTW girls, did you know you use a lot less paper, and wind up smelling better too, if you part and hold the folds of your labia open in order that your stream doesn't come out like a fan getting you and everything well covered. I've seen gals pee without so much as leaving a drop on their labia to be blotted up with sixteen yards of TP. That said, I'll hold my piece.

July 12, 2015  ]

oh heck all this because I was trying to find a rubber toilet
mat surround thingy. No luck yet. My husband misses all the time I am sick of it and especially as we are soon getting a new
toilet room. I am sick of standing in his wee wee. On another
topic girls bathrooms in public are filthy as a rule, lots of
slugs about. Guess I will have to live with a man that sprays
that's why I am getting special cladding for the walls too that
is easy to wipe. Woe is me. Not sure I want that nice new flooring.

July 22, 2015  ]

My sister has a huge bathroom with two toilettes; hers is clean, her husband's makes you vomit; most of the times he doesn't even flush when he pees! Men admit it, you are just lazy pigs!

July 23, 2015  ]

Other way around here...she pees and doesn't flush, leaves drips on the seat and spray under the seat. I almost always sit, I always lift the seat if I stand and I always wipe the ring of the bowl with tp just-in-case....and yes men's rooms in public are disgusting with pee all over the seat whether it is u-shaped or not. Guess they figure "I don't have to use it next so whatever..."

August 03, 2015  ]

This has been a pet peeve of mine since we moved into our new house. The floor is marble, and urine drips permanently stain it. I hate nagging about this because hubby is great in most other ways, but I find it disrespectful to expect me to clean up his pee. He is is now 63 and claims he doesn't see the drips. I agree, one has to look to see them, but I inevitably end up stepping in them which infuriates me. I don't understand what is so hard about sitting down to pee. I am so fed up that today I plan to order a black light flashlight for the bathroom so he has no excuses. Apparently all the pee spots light right up with that. Ugh. Not sure I am ready to see how many there truly are, and hope he is willing to use it to clean up after himself. Why am I expected to be the piss cleaner all the time?

August 15, 2015  ]

Rule No. 1 for men standing to pee. USE THE PORCELAIN! Don't pee directly into the water. Of course some of it will splash back out. In Spain, many of the public toilets have recently installed a little spider motif just off the water-line. Men instinctively try to "pee-that-thing-off", saving the companies that run public conveniences a fortune in cleaner fees and cleaning products, and making the toilets acceptable to use.
As said before, Ladies, lean forward when you are having a pee. More of it will go into the toilet.

When I was living with my wife (and her sister), on the rare occasion that I splashed, or sparked, I always cleaned up after myself. (I live alone now, and still clean up when necessary).I guess that they both did too, as I didn't have any problems with their escaped pee in the bathrooms either, (which is probably why I found this thread rather shocking at first).
Somebody mentioned a rubber floor mat for around the toilet - no! No way! We had one on our toilet growing up, (2 parents, 1 girl, 3 boys), The rubber mat was the worst for stink, and stopping the pee trapped under it from ever drying out.

September 02, 2015  ]

I'm a guy, and I always pee sitting (unless I'm at a restaurant or some other public place that has a urinal). I will mention a few things that haven't been addressed here. First, sitting on some toilets presents another problem for men: the scrotum can touch the water - not a good situation. Second, unless a man has an erection, I don't see how urine can come outside the bowl - gravity makes penises hang down. Third, urinals aren't any more effective for men than toilets; splash still happens (sometimes I can even feel it on my legs) no matter where you point.

The main thing I want to say, though, is this: You women need to stop getting frustrated trying to make sense of this. The fact of the matter is that men are no different than women: some are idiots, and some are not. You'll never convince the idiots (like some of the ones on here that posted snide comments just to get a rise out of you), and convincing the non-idiots is easy.

September 23, 2015  ]

I sit to pee. When we moved into our new house the previous owner had carpeted the bathroom. YUCKK!! But no money to replace it yet. so I sit so as to not drip on the carpet.

Women's pee can stink too!! I don't know how many times I have headed to the bathroom before bed only to be knocked over by the odor of fresh pee from my wife. something has to be wrong but I've learned to not mention it. It is easier to just use the other bathroom down the hall she rarely uses.

February 17, 2016  ]

Healthy, fresh pee shouldn't stink. Women get infections easily, so maybe your lady should visit her doctor. She could have a womanly infection.

September 24, 2015  ]

The male of the so called human species in Jefferson County Mo. is a superstar of rude behavior. The house next door has many times made me feel ill with their gang public urinating. They own several acres of partially wooded land but will even drive a truck to the property line to make sure I see them being vulgar idiots. I even called the police once and was told to take pictures of them ( which I refuse to do ) and that the policeman " wouldn't even know how to write it up ". How about indecent exposure? How about contributing to delinquency of a minor - as they are teaching their toddler to join them. I have lived in several states and never seen more rudeness and violet tendencies and vulgar denseness than in Missouri.

April 16, 2016  ]

I dunno, how bout look the other way? Yiu know they wouldn't bother if watching you get annoyed wasn't such good entertainment?!

October 28, 2015  ]

You can't really be that stupid can you.do you actually think that it just goes in the direction you point it every single time.being perfect I'm sure yours just goes perfectly straight every time

April 16, 2016  ]

Well no. But if it doesn't, I clear it up. Duh.

November 03, 2015  ]

Because we can.

November 06, 2015  ]

I am also like that. It is impossible to pee into the bowl. Each time I try, I fail. I am now 70, I still cannot achieve my target. I give up trying a long time ago. My wife has learn to live with it. However, I always clean up the spilled over each time.

November 08, 2015  ]

I have the answer to this problem if you don't mind the story that goes with it..as a child i wasn't circumcised so it was a mess, my mom used my bare hand on the seat to clean it so I learned to live in a house with two other women. Years later I GOT CIRCUMCISED but the spray and pray didn't play so I learned toilet paper aint' just for the butt. My younger sister seen me with the door open and must have thought we had the same equipment and got caught peeing standing up and got me whippings so I dropped a dime on her ass and got a "sorry" for the spanking in the past but she didn't get one.
The answer is buy the shag carpet mat with the matching seat cover and tank lid set and dispose of it after 6 months. But LOVE is the only true answer either clean it for them or clean it yourself or buy a house with your own seat and extra paper for guests...

by CCCuah on November 09, 2015  ]

We can't for the simple reason we are men.
I have tried for years to pee into the bowl or pot.
Somehow my urine will split up and go different directions. No explanation, it is just natural flow !

November 10, 2015  ]

lets see you stand up peeing, and well talk then.

November 25, 2015  ]

When you shoot a high pressure stream of liquid into a standing pool of water there will be some splashes. That's what ends up on the toilet seat/rim. We are NOT missing the bowl and urinating all over the toilet. It's just the splashing effect from shooting a stream of liquid into a pool of water. Hope this finally clears up the myth that men aren't able to avoid urinating all over the toilet.

November 25, 2015  ]

We are NOT missing the bowl and urinating all over the toilet seat/rim. It's just the splashing effect caused by a fast stream of liquid landing in a standing pool of water. There's gonna be some splashing involved. It's impossible to NOT cause any kind of a splash. But missing the bowl??? No...just a little splashing. Hope this clears up the myth that men aren't able to avoid urinating all over the toilet seat/rim myth.

by Miss B. on November 25, 2015  ]

I'm watching The Omen right now!

December 01, 2015  ]

I agree! If men cant hit inside the bowl full stream and dripping at the end then they should sit down!

December 14, 2015  ]

Guest #111:
Do you really think that women would rather have that nasty thing that you've got between your legs, dangling from our sleek bodies, just so that we would be able to pee standing up??? Ha! I have NEVER envied men the "talent" to pee standing up! Another male myth debunked!
Also, I have a theory...women live longer than men BECAUSE WE DON'T pee standing up!!! That's right...the extra few minutes we spend "resting" when we sit down to pee IS THE REASON WE LIVE LONGER THAN YOU DO!

December 14, 2015  ]

Why don't you just pee sitting down...PROBLEM SOLVED!

by Miss B. on January 13, 2016  ]

I have a very old and very dear friend that does this. It is the only thing about this other-wise clean person that makes me retch. The next time he visits and asks to use my bathroom, I'm going to take him aside and put a fist in his face and tell him how he will pee in my house. Because I've really had it after all these years.

January 19, 2016  ]

because its fun

January 21, 2016  ]

Guest #138..... I guarantee that you are single...

March 14, 2016  ]

well ladis, its like this.howabout we just piss in the sink then & u wont need to worry about it. I my self raise the seat when I piss. but if u ever notised watter comeing out of a garden hose theres little trickels of to the side.thats why some of our PISS gets outher placesses.

February 15, 2016  ]

I am a man. I have no problem pissing in the toilet while standing. I work in an office of business men and they piss all over everything in the bathroom, they also don't flush their shit. There is nothing wrong with their aim this is purely a power thing, they don't have to clean it up but some one else does. It's gross and annoying. No I'm not the janitor. I was just raised with some manners and respect for other people.

by Miss B. on May 24, 2016  ]


February 17, 2016  ]

"Some men are just filthy, dirty people who don't care about anything except their own selves. They have no consideration even for themselves. They probably walk around with urinated underwear all the time. They are dirty slobs."

The above is actually true. I spent the early part of my life trying to ignore PigMen and only after having a son (who resembles my brother-in-law more than me somehow) then realized the living hell of how some men are pigs by nature, after living with him for many years & forced to clean his poor bathroom behavior. (I'm the house-dad in the family.)

After experiencing a bladder disease starting about a decade ago, I learned another way of urinating besides sitting which may or may not be interesting to hear about. Weak, painful bladder is a subject many will relate with. It causes frequent visits and, at least for me, results in such agonizing urinating experience that I found standing & actually walking around helps and is sometimes the only way to get enough of it out that it wont leak all over my clothes after. How to do this without making a mess? Simple. Urinate into a cup. I urinate into a cup whenever possible now, while pacing around the bathroom, or my bedroom when nobody is around. It also saves water from flushing. I highly recommend it. (not for women though, obviously) Rinsing the urine down the sink drain is easy and as long as you allow the water to fully rinse out the cup & any which splashed into the sink there is no leftover smell. I've tested this with my wife who confirms it. Even with this rinsing, it still uses less water than flushing a toilet.

Peace. ciao

February 26, 2016  ]

Men are just dammn nasty I just want to take their penis and slam it down

by Miss B. on February 26, 2016  ]


March 12, 2016  ]

Lot of this is just laziness on BOTH Sexes.

March 14, 2016  ]

why don't u wemon all kiss my ass. some of u are more filthy than we men ever thought of

February 28, 2016  ]

I agree with the person above who said pee was not sterile. It's true! Urine is not sterile, and I don't know why this myth is floating around. Urine has bacteria, some sugar, a couple of other things in it...it is a waste product, people. I have heard of so-called "health" therapies where people drank their own urine and I want to puke! What is wrong with these folks?? YUCK!!!

March 27, 2016  ]

I understand all of the complaints here about the potty issues that men and women have, but I must say that some of these women on here sound awfully bitter and nasty in the way they speak about men. I would hate to cross paths with any of these bloodsuckers.

April 16, 2016  ]

I think it's because they live with some of the men who act like women deserve to be cleaning their pee up off the floor. 😒

April 01, 2016  ]

Sometimes in life you have to just put your big girl bloomers on and realize the world does not revolve around you. Most females are pampered and spoiled growing up and are shocked when they realize the rest of the world does not cater to their demands eg "I want it and I want it now d*mmit". In other words GROW UP !

by Rich on April 27, 2016  ]

This has nothing to do with men not cleaning up after themselves. Are women supposed to put on their "big girl panties" like good maids and scrub your mess because you are too lazy to do it yourself? You are the one who sounds spoiled and pampered since you are taking a very real assessment about male behavior and poor hygiene very personal.

Women perform most of the free labor on the planet, like cooking, scrubbing toilets, and cleaning shitty diapers (infant and elderly), and imbeciles like you have the nerve to insinuate that they are pampered. Get the fuck outta here! The world doesn't revolve around your inflated ego.

April 12, 2016  ]

I think the main reason men pee on the seat is right as your finishing a man has to shake that peckerto get ever last drop. It especially more difficult if a man has an enlarged prostate. Getting those last few drops one has to shake that thing along with tightening their stomach as if they were trying to expell gas. Might I add sometimes that happens and when your in a busy bathroom it can be embarrassing.

April 16, 2016  ]

After reading lots of comments (I really need a life) it seems evident that generally women treat public restrooms very disrespectfully. And that generally men treat the ones at home very disrespectfully. Also that tiling the whole room up to the ceiling and installing urinals at home, and simply hosing it down to clean, is the only viable solution. Except boycotting men altogether. Or showing some respect and clearing up our own messes, which is just not going to happen.

by Rich on April 27, 2016  ]

I am of the minority who cleans up my DNA and bodily fluids, since I hate using dirty public restrooms, and I was raised in a family with many females whom I had to share a bathroom with.

April 29, 2016  ]

I live with an older man with balance problems AND he has no sense of smell. Thank goodness I have my own bathroom. Nevertheless, the whole area around HIS bathroom smells like urine. I am at a loss because wiping and scrubbing do very little to remove the odor, even though the towels come away yellow with pee. It's just awful, that's all I can say.

May 02, 2016  ]

i came here while searching for a solution to peeing around the toilet bowl. However much i aim, it still sprays around the toilet bowl and onto the floor. Its annoying to clean up everytime. Sitting down everytime i want to pee is not in the cards. A device needs to be invented. like a funnel to direct the pee into the bowl lol there's your million dollar idea. men do not want to remove their pants and sit down for a wee. We pee like 10 times a day. I aint gonna remove my pants that often. its a habit i'm too old to adopt. and yes my toilet stinks with all the pee on the floor. such is life. I'll go clean up now. ciao

May 24, 2016  ]

Aww poor thing cant sit down every time you pee... Wah wah Wah... How horrible that would be for you to have to unbutton your pants or unzip your zipper and reveal your naked behind, or worse yet let your bum come in contact with the seat on which another bum peed just moments before. Worse still if you are wearing hosiery or have tummy tuck underclothes that need to be peeled off or a blouse that needs to be re-tucked or even gasp a dress that must be unbuttoned first... Oh wAit. That's girls. Girls do that many times a day. Your argument is invalid.

May 05, 2016  ]

I'm a man. I sit. Always have, always will. Anything else is disgusting. It is IMPOSSIBLE not to pee on the floor if you stand. It doesn't matter how good you think your aim is. Tiny droplets will fall to the floor, unless you're right on top of the bowl. And even then, the splash back from the bowl will hit the floor.

Another interesting topic: Don't google how far the water from a bowl reaches when you flush.

May 10, 2016  ]

Mine does this every day many times a day now we are doing training it's not been easy it's day 2

May 13, 2016  ]

Naive question. Young men tend not to. Older men don't get the same powerful jet as they once had and can get unseen multiple jets on occasion; which is a great embarrassment to them. Of course it is easy for a female who isn't experiencing that difficulty to claim losing part of one's masculinity is no shame. Of course it is. Would you like to lose your femininity ? Be told it's no problem ? Why not go the whole hog insist they lose all their confidence as a man and drop everything that makes them feel they have anything left of themselves ? Or maybe you could make them feel small by asking why they do it as if it were intentional. That'd be good fun too.

by Miss B. on May 24, 2016  ]

You have to excuse me guest. Are you saying that a man looses part of his "masculinity" to sit on the pot to pee? And this is comparable to say, a woman who has been forced to undergo a hysterectomy and feels she has lost her womanhood? Seriously? Or did I totally misunderstand?

May 21, 2016  ]

Not only do you pee all over the bathroom; you pee all over your pants, legs, feet, and shoes. It's on you hands and you probably don't wash them. You stink, plain and simple. Is that what you want to be known for.

May 24, 2016  ]

Yup. No answer, just understanding.

June 16, 2016  ]

They just want to even out the color.

June 09, 2016  ]

There is a device, for women, to put in the toilet, so that when they pee, it doesn't make a sound. Did you ever think that men were trying to pee quietly, by not peeing straight into the water in the bowl?

June 11, 2016  ]

The answer is simple. Our willies are like hoses. Peeing can be a real task at times because although we aim for the bowl it often shoots uncontrollably off target. It's like target practice! Yes sitting down does make it easier but we consider this to be silly and too much of a chore.

by Miss B. on June 11, 2016  ]

That is left-over childish thinking. If that is a "chore" for you, then you should spend some times housecleaning and scrubbing the layers of stinking, dried piss from a bathroom floor.

June 13, 2016  ]

Cause we can?

June 19, 2016  ]

Cannot believe women have to worry about how men pee... I live with two boys one being my bf, and its always been a problem... I have several times talked about it and argued over it. They just cannot f'ing pee in neatway. Recently had an argument and thesedays I find piss all around and spilling over and on floor. Im mostdisgusted and frustrated atthis moment. Some men rly do need a good training like dogs. I mean dogs learn quicker than these boys i live with. Thinking of putting up a black light n all that...

July 04, 2016  ]

I am male, I guess some people are just rude, and or extremely stupid, its not fucking difficult to piss into a toilet for fucks sake, it would be understandable from young children but apart from that I think just start cleansing of the human race and eliminate the cunts that are pissing on the floor,

A short message to you floor pissers "fuck you you pathetic piece of shit"

July 10, 2016  ]

It's ridiculous to see these men complaining about having to change positions to get the piss in the toilet. Oh boo hoo! What about the woman that you love having to get on her hands and knees cleaning up another human's piss!!!!! My boyfriend and his son must pee blindfolded and it pisses me off (no pun intended)!!!!! Every damn day I have to repeat myself and I'm the one that end up sounding like a complaining bitch. I'll own that! You can't pee into a gigantic bowl....cool, I get it. You can't rip off some toilet paper and clean up your own damn piss puddles? GTFO of my face and go put on some pampers. Women have to deal with their damn uterus lining shedding and pouring blood from their vaginas every month and we still manage not to leave the bathroom looking like a crime scene. Take responsibility and clean up your mess!!!

July 17, 2016  ]

I agree everyone should sit! Dang I hate sticky floors

July 28, 2016  ]

No matter how hard we men try, there will be spills around toilet bowls. Our urine just won't listen, they spill, not us !!!

August 08, 2016  ]

This is all very well, but, ladies have front/back opening and more often than not, pee will escape forward, and dribble down the outside of the toilet bowl, and drip from under the seat. When a man lifts the seat, the womans' pee then runs down the seat towards the hinge, at the back.
So, girls clean up your act!!

August 19, 2016  ]

The reason "is" -- If we aim at the water - It splashes on us and everything else -- Sooo , We aim at the bowl, just outside the water line -- And we miss !!! lol

September 02, 2016  ]

The answer is "Because we can!" I suspect there is an element of "Penis Envy" here.

September 20, 2016  ]

Darn feminists.

September 25, 2016  ]

If your brain weren't the size of your thang, you'd have enough sense to know that toilet etiquette has nothing to do with gender, but everything to do with consideration for the next person. A good way to cure yourself of your habit is just to sit -- bare bottom -- in your own urine....

October 03, 2016  ]

I somehow stumbled across this website and was confused as to why there so much vitriol being spewed back and forth... until I looked up and saw what the URL for this website is. As a man, I lift the seat up, do my business, then visibly inspect to see if there are any stray drops around the bowl. If there are any, I wipe them up prior to flushing. Urinating on the floor has never been an issue for me. If I have to do more than empty my bladder, I spray the seat with disinfectant before and after each use. I'll probably never visit this site again but, judging from some of the restrooms I've been in at work or in public establishments, I've always wondered how women put up with men who have such terrible aim and refuse to clean up afterwards. Now I know.

October 19, 2016  ]

Women(wives and daughters) just need to do their job and clean within the house.

October 20, 2016  ]

If your house only had urinals, I bet women would be pissing on the floor too. Toilets are made for women, and urinals are designed for men. If you dont like guys pissing in the floor, then get a damn urinal. That's why the mens bathroom has them. Dicks aren't designed to be precision instruments that shoot straight down at a 90 degree angle, and unless you have a little dick, it is really difficult to sit and try to cram it down between your legs in that little opening. God forbid you wake up with a morning boner and have to piss real bad because it becomes a rainbow shot standing back 5 feet from the toilet trying to hit the mark. Again, If you want your dude to quit pissing everywhere then get a damn urinal.

October 22, 2016  ]

That is a sign of cancer. That's 4th stage cancer likely it's up his ass. The cancer pushes the urithra and makes a spray. Is he still alive? I am sorry to tell you.

October 23, 2016  ]

Penises are not perfectly straight (not like a straw). As suggested, the only way to assure placing most of the urine in the toilet would be to sit down or develop a 3 ft diameter toilet. It would not surprise me to learn that when a male urinates probably 100% of the time some of the urine is going to miss the toilet. Even if one sits down and this includes women, unless one can guarantee that the urine flow has absolutely, completely stop some of that urine will end up on the floor.

October 28, 2016  ]

Try a high pressure hose and see how that works, I tend to sit because of leg problems.

It is hard to a control a floppy thing with high pressure (only can say about my bladder)having a foreskin does not help either

December 02, 2016  ]

I just want him to use the clorex wipes to clean the area including the wall.

December 02, 2016  ]

Perhaps urinals should be installed in personal bathrooms at home. Just a thought.
My 4 adult sons, 7 grandsons and yourstruly are all intact (not circumcised). I taught my sons to slightly retact their foreskins so there would be no obstruction in front of his urinary meatus before he urinates and this does help. Any male who can't control his aim / flow should always sit down to urinate and if he makes a mess (whether he sits down or stands) he should ALWAYS clean it up! Leaving the mess for someone else to clean up is very disrespectful! Also, ALWAYS flush when you finish!

January 20, 2017  ]

Thank you.

December 09, 2016  ]

To be honest its completely natural for men to do this so get off your high horse. want to know why? A.the cotton from our underwear gets stuck in the middle of our penis without knowing causing us to shoot piss in two places instead of one that and sometimes men have a curvature in the penis causing us to have to aim sideways stop complaining that's like men saying why do girls always leave to the bathroom to over paste their face with makeup when they already are drowning in it its gross.

January 20, 2017  ]

Since you are not the one that keeps cleaning up your urine, it's certainly disrespectful to someone who does clean it, to tell them to stop complaining. You should respectfully sit to urinate and not make a gross mess.

January 07, 2017  ]

I aim for the toilet the best I can, I sometimes sit to pee. I find when I'm semi-erect it helps the urine stream go mostly in the bowl. I find it annoying myself when I end up getting urine on the toilet and the floor. I clean up the mess after I'm done.I hate when I get a bit of urine on my pants no mate how carefully I aim. I guess from that perspective it depends on how much I have to urinate, example, I feel like I have to pee really bad then only a little bit comes out,which in that case barely lands in the toilet. I even clean up when I'm at a family members. Travelling with a giant pack is tough, I just use the urinal, saves me juggling two bags around the restroom when I'm done. I'm going to get my doctor to check my urethra to make sure things are fine.

January 20, 2017  ]

I bought a UV black light for the bathroom and couldn't believe my eyes. Men's urine sprays all over, even the walls. I'm 78 yrs old and hubby is 80. I have to wash the toilet and the floor and walls every single day. The fumes from the bleach are horrible, and the bending is worse. I have asked hubby to sit and he's always ignoring me. Help!

January 21, 2017  ]

SOOOOO unbelievably tired of spending hours scrubbing the piss stains from our grout. MEN--please just clean up after yourselves, it's disgusting and it isn't my job. And please stop getting offended when I confront you about it. UGH!

February 06, 2017  ]

Ouch! sounds like You have no respect for your man! Divorce him and marry Yourself a woman! If You think all that piss on the ring is from your man, think again, the floor, yes! The older a man gets the worse his aim is! and here is the truth, believe it or not, unless the man looks at the floor, he doesn't know that he did so, unless he is barefooted,and I know, because I'm 51 years old and I didn't think anything about it until one day my ex father in-law used my toilet, I know that most of it hit the floor! You women think it is easy aiming that thing while it is standing at attention? think again,standing or sitting, that's not the case. You try aiming something that don't want to go down! Oh that's right, You cant! With marriage comes sacrifices, You knew that when You married him, just as he did when He married You! Tell me, have You said dear, would you please sit down when You pee, You are getting it all over the floor, or are do You just have to come up with something new to bitch about? We men are not mind readers, contrary to what You think, so if You don't tell him what he is doing, then really, shut up, until You can! or like i said, divorce him, because the way You are talking about him, he deserves better then You any how! Regards! R>P>

February 08, 2017  ]

I wonder why they ever started standing up in the first place? Who ever made/designed a urinal should must have been a male!!! It's crazy!

February 15, 2017  ]

Keep men in diapers that one solution

February 16, 2017  ]

Really,there is no excuse. I live in a dorm right now and it is a bunch of infantile men that I assume have boomerang penises that they can't aim straight. Sit on the bloody seat, squat on the bowl, or aim. Firmly grasp your junk and aim. Bend your knee if you are tall like me. Put some paper in the water to reduce splashback. Just make things convenient for everyone else you selfish piles of trash.

February 17, 2017  ]

Omg im having that issue right now w boyfriends son

February 25, 2017  ]

I have one that Never puts the lid down and I pee twice and dont flush everytime but put my paper in trash. So who is at fault?

March 12, 2017  ]

Men who pee all over the toilet seat are losers. I first witnessed this in college. I'm thinking, what the hell?! What are you going to do when you have to take a dump? Sit in all that urine? I don't know what the hell is wrong with people who can't lift the lid and aim properly.

March 25, 2017  ]

As a married man, I'm dumbfounded by the majority of this post and its comment section. It disheartens me to see how so many people are so presumptive, sexist and devoid of the ability to use their imagination to see things through someone else's eyes.

On a regular basis I come in to the bathroom after my wife's used it to see the lid up and seat down, with spots of liquid scattered on the seat. And upon lifting the seat there's almost a guarantee that the bottom of the seat will be spattered with urine, and of course, periodically blood. You know what I do? I clean it up!

When we decided to cohabitate, I signed up for that, along with everything else that comes along with it, including a bathroom sink that is perpetually covered in a layer of skin colored dust, drains that clog with hair that I have to clear every couple weeks, and, you know, sharing my home and my life with my best friend, another human being who is no differently faulted than I.

Seriously, do none of you people have toilet rugs in your bathroom? It's a bowl full of water, and you're throwing blame around about there being splash? That rug wraps around the toilet for a good reason. Toss it in the wash every couple weeks or so, and voila.

I saw a comment about children crawling on the floor. Who lets a baby freely crawl around in a bathroom unsupervised? Do you have any idea how dangerous a bathroom is for a baby? Do your bathroom doors not latch closed?

The thing that baffles me is that I have to look down at the toilet the entire time as I pee. Do you not look at a seat before you sit? Office chairs, couches, car seats, airliners, even beds. I'd think this was just a reflex to glance at the location you're about to place your bum to affirm there's nothing there that'd make the experience unenjoyable.

Methinks the biggest problem we have here is that y'all are getting married and cohabbing with someone when you are clearly not yet ready to be sharing something as intimately personal and filthy as a potty.

Now granted, that doesn't apply to situations such as shared dorm bathrooms, etc. To that, my only response is that I grew up in a household as the only male in my family, and our bathroom was endlessly disgusting. To try to place the blame on men is just sexist and ignorant. I conclude long ago that people are simply disgusting. It doesn't matter what kind of giblets you've got squished inside your underpants, you're disgusting. Some people are simply differently disgusting than others.

March 27, 2017  ]

There are plenty of studies that refer to the "aerosol" aspects of pissing standing up. I appreciate that I leave spray and i do my best to clean up after myself. Sitting, however, is not an option. I have tried it and it just doesn't work. Maybe it is because my equipment is below standard (I have had no complaints, however), but I often send urine out between the bowl and the seat, and that creates a worse cleanup problem.
I want to do what is right. Possibly a redesign of the toilet is in order. Meanwhile, i will try to keep the floor clean and i will do my best to maintain my 50 year old marriage.

by Miss B. on March 27, 2017  ]

That is really nice to hear a more mature man say.

April 02, 2017  ]

hi i work in a school and have to clean the boys toilets every day so i know how this is a real big problem im also sick of pee and they just spray it anywhere apart from actually in the pan and even in the bog roll holder and you can see it coming out of the door on to the corridor where kids have to walk past.

April 29, 2017  ]

I have learned to pee outside Let them clean up there own mess If they can do it so Can I.

May 15, 2017  ]

One person mentioned that maybe women should check the seat before sitting. My problem is that the director where I work is the only person in the whole entire office who 1) leaves the seat up, 2) leaves pee and pubic hair (HOW???)on the rim and 3) leaves pee on the floor in front of the toilet. This means before I can even use the toilet, I have to clean up after this moron. I have to clean the seat, clean the rim and clean the floor all so I can use the toilet and not get his nasty urine on my pants or skirt. I want to kill him!

May 23, 2017  ]

Omg!! So funny! injsut found this to night. My husband splashes pee everywhere in the bathroom uer REFUSES to clean the bathroom or even just the area around the toilet. Tonight, Not for the first time, I stepped in a couple of nice puddles of pee bevause he somehow missed the godamn HUGE bowl. I spent 10 minutes cleaning th floor, the bowl, walls AND my feet, before I could pee.

Goddamnnit, men, figure this shit out or have the courtesy to clean up after yourselves - floor, bowl, ring, walls. Because everyday I clean YOUR piss off it all and your ahit atains fromt the toilet and underseat.

July 30, 2017  ]

My man and I got into it yesterday because of this. We don't live together but he stays at my place about 25 days out of a month. We came back from a long day and he goes to use the bathroom. I go in after him to use it and I see the toilet seat up....and piss around the rim. After mentioning how I don't like cleaning toilets because I find it disgusting especially after men piss on it, I notice piss on the rim. I get fed up and ask him (though I already know it's his piss) "is this your pee baby?" and he says "where?" and comes in. He takes a look and cleans it as I walk out. He wasn't okay with the way I expressed my disgust and he's totally unhappy with me now. I already do 90% of the cooking and all of the cleaning. Why the HELL should I have to clean up a grown man's piss?! When I leave the bathroom at his house, I make it so that he never knew I was in there.

May 24, 2017  ]

This will solve the toilet problem....
Woman: Put the seat up after urination.
Men: Put the seat down after urination.
This is good toilet protocol...works both ways, no one to blame!

May 28, 2017  ]

Simple, guys. I just bend my knees and lower myself nearer to the bowl...This way, any stray streams will still hit the inside of the bowl... And if there be any accident, I just hose down the area and seat. Hate the idea of my loved ones stepping on my pee and then all over the house!

June 01, 2017  ]

Most of what gets blamed on men is actually splash back from women sitting to pee

June 09, 2017  ]

No! After 44 years of marriage he still pees all over the place, the floor, the rim of the seat, the seat and anything near. Tried rugs, didn't work rugs are full of pee, tried bare floors, afraid he'll slip on the pee in front of toilet - no answers no solutions, just keep moping it up.

June 21, 2017  ]

I wish I new why men have to pee I've just paddled in urine in the bathroom i cleaned this morning thanks darling so romantic

July 13, 2017  ]

Demonictoys1992: The world is a toilet, and all the people "in" it are assholes >;D

Go figure...

July 14, 2017  ]

Women need the seat down. Men need it up. If it's up, and you need it down! - 'Put it down!' , 'If it's down, and you need it up,- 'put it up!' What is this shit about putting the seat back down? leave it up, let it drain. 'The seat does belong down'!! not Golden rule is, if you need to pee; check and look and LOOK!!

July 15, 2017  ]

I am going out of my mind. Second marriage....35 years ago my husband was immaculate. Into 13th year of dementia and 13 years of ME cleaning up the bathroom after him. He refuses to sit down. Says that only girls sit down. Sometime nothing goes into the toilet but covers the floor and is tracked thru the house. So tired of it. And don't say that he is an old man and need care and love or I'll really go crazy!!!!! He is 97 now and I'm sure he'll see 100. So sad. If he had a bladder problem, I could handle it a lot easier but just being stubborn and peeing all over the floor and his clothes is getting me down.

September 05, 2017  ]

I have asked my husband several ways to please stop leaving ore on the floor in front of the toilet. He gets so offended. Like it's his right to do so. I've asked him to use the powder room and I will use the master bathroom. So now the powder room is a filthy pig hole. I tell our guests that's his bathroom. He makes the mess he has the right and ownership to keep it clean.

September 17, 2017  ]

They can aim and piss to n the bowl. But sometimes he fucking doesn't car and do it out of spite and piss on the floor knowing I have to fucking clean it like tonight. I'm going to leave this dip fucking asshole soon. He's a wicked son of satan. I'm frustrated. I have to clean his piss every fuck g night when he drinks till he's dead

September 20, 2017  ]

I have one for you I have been living with this childish room mate. I really wish i could use his name. Plus now hes got his boy friend living with him sharing the same double bed it grossed me out because a couple of nights ago I was sitting outside having my usual smokes and playing on my tablet and I could hear them having sex. Almost threw up wish i brought my headphones. Back to the point since I have been here i have cleaned the bathroom four times top to bottom a cadet in the army could not have done a better job it was that clean. i thought the floor of the bathroom was covered in dirt but when i turned the sponge over and used the abrasive side to clean the floor i was all of his hair i was cleaning it was so bad that i had to change the water in the buckit three times. So after i was done i went out and went to see a movie as i left he even thanked me for cleaning the washroom in his childish voice and were talking someone in his mid fifties hes also supposed to be some kind of main frame computer company in are nations capital. He also has had leave two of his prier jobs because he said all the other guys were being mean to him. Now i understand why, he is a childish ignorant of what he is doing to other people but if he needs help for anything you have to drop everything and go help him rite away or he will just keep bugging you until you help him. There are also his hour to two hours of sitting in the washroom after he has done his purpose in there to find out he is sitting on the toilet for that long because he is playing on his tablet. I had to go really bad one day and he was already in there for an hour because i had to go before that already. So i knocked on the door said sorry you almost done and he was oh have been in here that long be rite out ten minutes later he comes out. I go to the bathroom start pulling my pants down lucky i looked at the toilet seat not only urine on the seat but at the back of the toilet seat around the back of the rim was lets just say a piece of squished candy bar. Was really pissed of. Swearing to myself what a f n pig had to clean it off first. how do you do that knowing someone else has to use it after you. This has been going on for two years every time i have to use it i have to clean it same as the sink toothpaste spit up and whatever else he spit in the sink have to clean it before i can shave witch is only once a week. So a few weeks ago i had enough had to clean the toilet to use it had to clean the sink to shave. Had my shave and went to clean the sink of my stubble and excess shaving cream but stopped myself and said no I had to clean it to use it so i thought i guess that is how its going to be from now on except for the toilet cant even do that to the childish man. I went to work came back at eleven. went to my room came back out side. He comes out. Can you do me a favor can you clean the sink after you shave you left your shaving in the sink that is really inconsiderate to others using the washroom. i just lost it i said to him really that is inconsiderate to bad i cleaned it before i used it. he says to me no you didnt. I said again i cleaned it before i used it. he says again no you didnt. I then just told him look i dont give a buck any more now buck off and go back to your bedroom and jerk your boy friend off. He starts saying it again and I just cut him off and say to him I thought i told you to buck off you bucking pig stop pissing on the toilet seat princess and clean your toothpaste and whatever else comes out of your filthy mouth you leave in the sink. This guy is just a complete inconsiderate whatever it is i was going to say person but a pig is not a person at all. It is all about him the internet kicks him off the wifi he comes out of his room whos hogging the internet. believe that hes got four tablets going his computer the tv and his phone on the wi fi. myself i have a tablet the owner of the house has a laptop and his smart tv. i hear him talking to the owner of the house saying oh it must be john doe hogging the internet. I hear that come out of my room and say i only have a tablet on you have how many things going at once in your room. What does he say ya i now but im playing my games on all of them. Then what does he do he goes ahead and unplugs the power to the modem and also the cable boxes. Which the owner of the house was watching a payed ufc event at the time. then after he re plugd the power to the internet he went back to his room. The owner of the place came and knocked on my door and asked me if i could figure out why his box wasnt working for cable. thats when he told me what pig boy did. so i looked saw he didnt plug the power to the cable box only re plugged the power to the modem. Had to wait 20 minutes before getting it back and he missed the last of a good ufc match up. Owner went to the pigs room and told him dont even think of setting foot out of your damn room for the rest of the night slam. There is also his pig grazing in the kitchen just like a pig go in the fridge or the cobord take what you need put it on the cownter take what you want and leave everything open on the counter totally abliviose to what he does. so from now on i see pee on the toilet seat i clean it up with his towel he uses to dry himself off with ive already been doing this for the last couple of weeks. hope he gets an infection. let you now what happens to him.

September 26, 2017  ]

you are crasey

September 28, 2017  ]

To my knowledge my husband has been doing this since he was at least 40 and is 69 now.
When I can't take it anymore he says it's just one of those things that is not going to change.
I take care of my 23 month old granddaughter and I am constantly in fear she will touch it or step in it. I keep the door closed and clean constantly .
I feel totally beaten
Standing desperately in per!!!

by Still Sarah on September 29, 2017  ]

Read my post beneath yours.

by atee on October 09, 2017  ]

Sounds like you and are in the same house. Not beaten yet...trying to figure out how to tie down the whole (&*&^^ toilet. Or go find that paper I used 50 years ago to show my little boy where his pee was going. Wonder if they still make that?

by Still Sarah on September 29, 2017  ]

This is for all the women who have mates who 1) urinate all over the bathroom, and 2) say hateful things to their women, like "Live with it", "Deal", etc.

You women need to learn right now, that NO man speaks to woman he loves in this manner. It is cruel and it is sick. What he is doing, in urinating all over your bathroom, is symbolically urinating on YOU. He despises and hates you. Get up, woman, take the family checkbook , and get out of the house. Don't come back unless it is to hopefully take over the house while that pig is finding his own place. The relationship is over. Thank God Almighty.

Don't ever let someone treat you so badly again. This is one of the more evil forms of abuse to a woman. You have all spent hours scrubbing his urine while crying and now it's time to do something about it besides begging and bribing.

Get rid of this filthy, selfish, vile, bastard. If you are married, file for divorce yourself. Get a Legal Aid lawyer if you have to. And spend the night in a nice motor inn somewhere and take a hot bath in a freshly-cleaned bathroom! Get used to nice living.

by atee on October 09, 2017  ]

OK I am new here, have read through almost all the comments (just after cleaning our 3 toilets and lost it at my 74 yr old husband). Same same...it's everywhere! me: "you promised to clean up after yourself", him: "I thought I was"...me: "This is the last time or I'm doing something drastic...at 72 I shouldn't be on my hands and knees....and speaking of hands....the sun was shining on the wall over the toilet and your filthy dirty hand prints are there".....10 min later...him: (in a LOUD voice), "I will not be talked to like I am a child, you are being rude"....me: "My son was cleaner than you, my Mother never had to clean up after my Father, why should I?"
No one here has mentioned the hand prints on the wall, am I the only one?
Lost in the land of mask, clorox and rubber gloves

October 19, 2017  ]

Hahaha, I thought it was just my hubby. He's 6'-4" and leans forward and puts his right hand on the wall...There is always a handprint there which I don't understand because I though his hands are relatively clean but yeah...hand print on the wall too.

October 12, 2017  ]

You guys make me happy I am single and do not live with any penis

October 19, 2017  ]

This morning my husband and I argued because after being tired of stepping into pee the first thing in the morning, I showed him where his pee travels in between the tiles and makes the grout darker. He said to call the plumber because there must be a leak at the base. I wiped it up and smelled it and then put it close to his nose so he could smell it was pee. He still denies it.....I give up.

January 29, 2018  ]

#349 - You guys need to drink a lot MORE water. I can pee directly on a paper towel and it won't smell like anything.

October 30, 2017  ]

I have had the same problems with my boss sprinkling pee on the floor in front of the toilet daily for the last fourteen years. I've tried everything! Asking for a toilet rug was the obvious solution so I could simply pull it up twice a week and wash it. He refused to let me. He says it's a man's barbershop and get used to it. He's even gotten mad at me and gone on the floor, coming out and claiming, "I peed on your floor". I've been so demeaned and angry! Sometimes I hate him.WHY wouldn't he clean off the floor himself? WHY wouldn't he let me place a carpet mat down? WHY does he disrespect me? I know he has control issues. I have gotten his piss on my shorts. I've respectfully asked, I've gotten angry. I've brought in mats only to have him take them up. I've tried reasoning, negotiating,fussing,crying,shaming, etc.
My conclusion is that he doesn't care about me. He likes controlling and abusing me. He has NO respect for me. People laugh when I complain. Like it's f'ing funny. It's not funny. It's mean, lazy,controlling, disrespectful,nasty, immature,and just plain subjugating to me as a female. I am expected to clean up his piss every time I have to use the restroom or drop my shorts in it. I am expected to quit complain and suffer silently forever. I finally told him I'd leave if he didn't let me get a bathmat. He claimed, "I never said you couldn't have a bathmat"!
I wanted to hurt him! Arggghh!
I now have a bathmat. Problem solved. Except I almost feel like I have PTSD over the issue. Foureen long, long years. He's a misogonistic,old-school, controlling d*ick!!
So, for all who keep complaining...get a toilet rug and wash it. Try being in the situation where you're not even allowed to pUT down a mat. Then we'll talk. I can't wait till I reach retirement and can leave this place forever. As a matter of fact, I want to leave the whole State behind. I've never lived in a more rasist, nasty place in my life. The bathroom problem is only one issue indicative of a much larger problem. I've got 5-10 more years before I can escape. And believe me, I am going to take it!I say forget 'em. They just drain the life outta you. And they're not even very good in bed. Some statistics claim that women only reach orgasm a third of all encounters anyway, and refuse to work with their partners to increase mutual pleasure. I'm swearing off men. Got myself an Hitachi wand from Amazon. Support myself totally...alone!!!
F*uck all you D*icks who can't/won't take responsibility for being decent to other people.
Like I said, get a bathmat if you can, because they might not ever change.

November 09, 2017  ]

After having to replace the floor boards in my dad's bathroom from his piss everywhere, I make him use a urinal bottle so he doesn't dribble all over when he is trying to put his junk back in his pants. and then he is supposed to dump it into the toilet. It would work if he didn't have dementia and forget all the time. so I still clean his disgusting piss off everything. but not as often. YUCK!!

November 14, 2017  ]

Men are funky nasty creatures. They like spreading their scent like wild animals do; especially on a sex slave; to mark it as their own; like a cat does. A lot of men like the smell of their funk and don't like to take showers. Why do you think Betty Davis once said in an interview that, " Men should always have their own bedrooms and bathrooms separate from the women ". Generally guys don't mind spraying outside of a urinals in a restroom. Other men just stand in it and use the urinal next. Guys are usually just as sloppy at home since they believe a woman or a servant is supposed to keep the toilet clean so they don't care about it.

November 26, 2017  ]

They need to live in the jungle where they can compete with all the other males marking their territory.

November 20, 2017  ]

Dear Sophia... Men stand up to pee because of the physiological differences between male and female. A man cannot completely empty his bladder while sitting down, possibly causing leakage at other times, or even something negative happening because he can't get rid of it all. Men who are peeing with an urgency are not able to control the direction of the flow all the time, especially at first. Personally, when I hit the floor, I DO clean it up.
As far as leaving the seat up, maybe women should be expected to put the seat down instead of men doing it all the time. Women wanted equal rights; sharing the seat-lowering duties should be distributed equally between male and female. Fair enough?

November 26, 2017  ]

They're too damn careless and have no respect for others, themselves, their surroundings or cleanliness. They need a good slap upside the head!

December 10, 2017  ]

If your man can't aim, then make it his job to clean in and around the toilet as part of his household chores. I don't understand the whole peeing on the floor thing. My man doesn't do it.

December 10, 2017  ]

Don't give up hope ladies...my man is turning 75 in 25 days and FINALLY I showed him (didn't tell) just showed...the hand prints on the wall where he braces himself; the grout turning yellow around the toilet ...etc NOW he is cleaning up after himself (cause I can't get down to clean anymore...LOL)

December 17, 2017  ]

I posted Comment #231 a little over a year ago and I found the subject so intriguing that I decided to save the link and one day revisit this site. Well here I am again. What I found to be even more intriguing is the unmoderated forum where I get to see a somewhat civilized battle of the sexes play out online.
For the most part, I think the comments where people get defensive about "not being able to help it" smacks of laziness and shows how inconsiderate they are of others. My heart goes out to the ones who have to deal with others who have a reduced mental capacity. Those are the ones who "can't help it". From my point of view, even if I couldn't help but spray urine all over the bathroom every time I urinate, that still doesn't excuse me from not cleaning up after myself. My job gets dusty sometimes and I can't help but get some of that dust on me but, I'm not looking for anyone to do my laundry. If I create the problem, as long as I'm capable of doing so, I should also create the solution. That's called responsibility; a trait all fully functional adults should have.
I've been behind women who also create the same problem. I've found that women urinating has more of a dribbling effect and causes urine to spray under the seat and roll down the toilet. I've found dark yellow residue near the back of the toilet base on more than one occasion. I’m not singling women out because, I know men contribute to that problem as well. What I've found to be even more irritating is this certain individual, who shall remain unnamed, who visits and fudges the seat every time they sit down. I've seen a few episodes of Monsters Inside Me so I follow that with a heavy dose of bleach and a little bit of disinfectant. One day this individual must have "overfudged" the seat so they decided to wipe A PORTION (not all of it) up. That would have been fine and dandy but, they threw the tissue in the trash can. Let me act as a de facto Mrs. Manners to anyone that needs advice on this subject. No one in their right mind, and no one that has a place to call home, urinates or defecates in a trash can. If you wipe any portion of your crotch to get rid of excess waste that you've expelled from your body, PLEASE put it in the toilet and flush it. Putting contaminated paper that contains human waste, in an open container like a trash can, in an enclosed space like a bathroom, is an invitation for illness. To really put things in perspective on that subject, check this short story out. One day while riding with a friend of mine during the summer, I held my breath as I saw that his vehicle was approaching some road kill on that side of the road. I gave him a heads up so he could hold his breath but he said “That doesn’t bother me. It’s not like I’m actually breathing in the road kill”. I explained that he actually was because in order for us to smell it, a portion of that road kill’s particles had to become airborne.
I also have a suggestion. Almost everyone has a cellphone these days. Why not create a collection of before and after photos for when you have to clean behind these ignorant, inconsiderate, individuals? I've started to do just that. If you can, pretend to take a selfie so you can get a picture of them exiting the bathroom. That way the times match on the cleanup photos. There’s no disputing photographic evidence. After your pleas have fallen on deaf ears for too long, get their attention. Splash water from the sink onto the seat and leave it there. Heat up a chocolate candy bar and smear some on the seat and make sure to record what you've done. Then hope and pray they confront you so you can reply with your mountain of evidence. In life, I've found most people that dish it out can’t take it, and this may create one of those situations.

December 24, 2017  ]

The reason as to why us men tend to pee on the seat, is because we try not to pee into the water. It makes a ton of noise. We try to pee on the walls of the toilet, but unfortunately, pee does not come out in a normal stream, small amounts of it tend to fly off a couple inches, so they fall on the seat. I clean it after myself most of the time, however, if it's a public toilet..

Hell no.

December 30, 2017  ]

Do not feel bad my daughter's husband is worse he shotguns the toilet and won't clean his own mess.Also he must wipe weirdly cause there is a mess on the board and it shows on a white toilet seat she says to tell him,but he is 36 years old and should clean after his self.

by Miss B. on December 31, 2017  ]

I'll share with you girls(and with the clean guys). I grew up with a parent who had been taught by his mother to be respectful in the bathroom and sit while peeing. So that is how I was taught. Most men have enough equipment to do this. I guess if you have a one-inch wiener, you would need to stand or use a portable urinal.

So when I started to date my ex-husband, I asked him nicely to please sit down on the john for me. He did it without an argument, and for several years, he was a good boy. But when we started to have really severe marital problems, he announced he was going to pee while standing and I could complain all I wanted. That was downright nasty. In his mind at least, pissing all over the toilet was an approved method of hurting your wife. I should have gotten up in the middle of the night during my period and quietly and carefully, smeared my menstrual blood all over his face. I really wish I had done it!

January 08, 2018  ]


Clean up after yourself

February 12, 2018  ]

Because some men feel Impowered, no consideration and do not give a shit. Just like anything else, if you don't nip it in the bud it will only get worse. Place newspaper sheets in front of the toilet so he could hear the drips, if he ask why the news paper, say it works for puppies.

by Miss B. on February 12, 2018  ]


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