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Star Wars: a black actor in Stormtrooper armor! How shocking! *sarcasm*

Yeah! This is what we could read all along the week-end on social networks, since the release of the first trailer of "Star Wars: The Force Awakens."

It's purely unlikely that someone could have black skin, in a far-far galaxy. Damn right, this is totally ruining the accuracy of the Star Wars Universe. I hope they will digitally edit all the other beings, to paint them in white, beginning with Yoda. *sarcasm*

I do not understand that in 2014, almost 2015, we can still see reactions of that kind!

Yes John Boyega is black and so what?! What the hell is the problem?!

Racism is the most disgusting thing in this World, and I am mad that the Internet is used as a medium by these people to dump their hate and jealousy, because yes, I think that racism is just a matter of jealousy and a way to compensate a lack of something.

And by the way, NO, black is NOT a race, morons! Only uneducated people can still think this.

So all my support to actor John Boyega! Go man, you rock!


by: G-1016


December 01, 2014

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Some "purists" might claim that the Stormtroopers would be all white because they parallel the Nazis, but I say "purist" is just another word(in this case) for "racist". I know, Rob, you're not fond of hiding behind the word "racist", but I'm not vulgar enough to use the term "asshole". *cough*

by: Still Sarah

Message #1

December 02, 2014

There were black nazis. even muslim nazis.

by: G-666

Message #17

January 07, 2016

i dont think there were too many black nazis (if any) but the muslims/arabs were huge supporters of hitler. its true.

by: G-693

Message #18

January 19, 2016

Just because he was wearing the outfit doesn't make him a storm tooper.
He was probably in disguise to escape because he's a good guy.

by: G-19

Message #2

December 09, 2014

Thanks God, I am relived, because what shocked me the most was to see the face of a Storm trooper and that it didn't look like Jango Fett

by: G-37

Message #8

December 15, 2014

The initial troopers were cloned from the DNA of Jango Fett , but weren't the clones were replaced by "real" humans later?


by: G-57

Message #9

December 23, 2014

Well, purist fans CLAIM that ALL of the stormtroopers are cloned from the DNA of Jango Fett, but that is a cheat, because in the first movie released(Episode IV), you can hear a couple of Stormtroopers talking and their voices are not the same. They certainly are NOT clones. They just make up the clone thing because it was cool later on and you're supposed to forget that the stormtroopers are normal humans. So nah 😛

by: Still Sarah

Message #10

December 23, 2014

I actually haven't read any such comments, so your false anti-reactionary drivel is simply to make yourself look good. The only person I've seen comment on it is, ironically, you!

by: G-20

Message #3

December 11, 2014

Actually race is real, only uneducated people from the 1970s (when post civil-rights guilt was still strong) think that race is a "social construct". Race is only skin deep, but it is also real.

by: G-21

Message #4

December 11, 2014

What a marvelously racist comment!

by: Miss B.

Message #6

December 11, 2014

Racist! Racist!

by: G-694

Message #19

January 19, 2016

"So all my support to actor John Boyega! Go man, you rock!" - lol, don't you realise how condescending this is? Heard of positive discrimination?

by: G-22

Message #5

December 11, 2014

Suits or not, skin color, or length of hair, there will always be someone to complain and shout "scandal!" 😛

by: G-28

Message #7

December 13, 2014

for people or purist that wanna cry that there's a black character in the new Star Wars only needs to remember that lando calrissian played by billy dee Williams was indeed a black actor come on now

by: G-392

Message #11

June 02, 2015

I dislike the black stormtrooper, without being a racist. Then why? All the clones are one white man's clones. So the black clone is a silly idea.
And I don't understand, why have to be the main character a black guy..? There are six parts of the saga with white main characters. Then Lucas sell it to the Disney, which is enough shock for the fans - and then the black guy, who is not even a charismatic, engaging person. There are black guys who are these ones, but not he. I think the main character should be a charismatic person, as it was so far. Lando and Windu are charismatic. One more time, I'm not a racist. There are black people who are my favorites, musicians, singers, actors, sportsmen and women, and I like the pretty black girls.

by: G-406

Message #12

June 13, 2015

Actually the cloning factories on Kamino were shut down shortly after Episode III, so many stormtroopers were replaced with real humans. Also the First Order isn't the Empire, it's people who wanted to continue their work after the Empire was destroyed 29 years prior to The Force Awakens. And how do you he isn't engaging?

by: G-636

Message #15

December 07, 2015

Wrong, Lack of Equality is the most disgusting thing in the world. Since it even covers racism.

by: G-418

Message #13

June 14, 2015

its gotta be fair

by: G-695

Message #20

January 19, 2016

Every trailer shows him gasping for air. I just hope his first words of spoken dialogue aren't,
"Woooo Boy! Meesa canna BREEEEETHE in dissa mask!"
J.J. Abrams full name isn't Jar Jar, is it?

by: G-420

Message #14

June 14, 2015

Race is very much real. Why are we trying to hide that fact? We classify skin color for every other organism, but for some reason, it's "racist" to do that for humans.

People from different places are evolved to live in different habitats, which makes them different biologically, from the start...

by: G-637

Message #16

December 09, 2015

wouldnt it be boring if we was all white or black or green?

by: G-696

Message #21

January 19, 2016

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