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Ink Master or how to discourage you from getting a tattoo!

I can't stand the state of mind of the tattoo artists taking part to the Ink Master TV show. When I hear them talk, this is totally discouraging me from getting a tattoo! I don't speak about their internal rivalries but this is disgusting to see their lack of consideration for their canvases. I know this is a competition, but still! They don't mind a cent about the fact that the canvases, or guinea pigs as I call them, are going to wear their tattoo for the remainder of their lives. Even if this is free tattoo and within the context of a competition, I think this is unacceptable behavior from so-called professional tattoo artists. They don't care if the canvases are happy, they don't care about their pain during the session of tattooing, they don't care anything else other than themselves. When they screw up, which is often the case, they cry about themselves, and being eliminated and have not a single thought for the guys they tattooed and who will now live with their piece of crap.

And what to say about their strategies to select who will tattoo who? They give the hardest tattoos to other candidates thinking they'll screw up. Can you imagine that? I mean, you have in front of you a guy who wants a tattoo, and you are sending him to a tattoo artist with the hope he would fail!

ps: I have to recognize too that you need to be silly to be canvases in such TV shows. Okay, this is a free tattoo, but the risk to get something hideous is VERY high.

by: G-1006


November 24, 2014 (5 years ago)

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What scares me the most is the mediocrity of some of candidates of this show, and the gross errors they are all more or less doing! And excuse me, but pressure doesn't explain it all! They are all supposed to be professional tattoo artists, meaning that everyday there are guys leaving their tattoo shops with pin ups looking like boxers after a fight, too many toes, spelling mistakes, approximate lines and shades, etc.

by: G-15

Message #1

December 08, 2014 (5 years ago)

"Best Ink" candidates are thousand times better! I wonder where "Ink Master" is getting their crap each time - at least half of the castings are terrible, and I can't believe they are even professional tattoo artists! I am sure this show is casting temper before skill.

by: G-54

Message #2

December 21, 2014 (5 years ago)

I think this is great show, very funny to watch! "Funny", but maybe not for the right reasons, that's true 😁 . Man, 2/3 of the tattoo artists suck so much! So it makes me laugh when they announce that these are the best tattoos artists of the country. First of all, the best tattoos artists wouldn't bother taking part in such show. The bests are already famous, making good money, and don't need this kind of exposure. So of course, those we see in Ink Master, are wannabees, who believe they'll kick start their fame and career thanks to the show. This is true for some of them, I recognize that the last 3-4 of each seasons are really good, but the others are so crappy! This is scary sometimes! But their epic fails are so fun to watch! Especially since it's not on me! LOL. I love the Pin-up challenge, each time they screw up so much! That's unbelievable, but funny as hell, excepting for the skin models!

Now, there is something I don't understand. This show has existed since 2012, the tattoo artists know perfectly well there will be challenges in which they'll have to do pin-ups, portraits, old-school/traditional, covers, Japanese style, and other things like that. But each time, you get guys crying and complaining, because they don't know how to do this, or haven't done this in years. I don't get it! They know they'll have to do this, at some point, so why don't they learn or train before applying?!

by: G-256

Message #3

February 28, 2015 (4 years ago)

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