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Spelling vs Mathematics

"They" will always make reproaches to someone who makes spelling mistakes but it's fine if someone sucks in mathematics. I don't find this fair. Is someone, who has a good spelling and grammar, better than someone who is good in mathematics?

All along my school time, the most important was spelling. I was bad with spelling (honestly , I don't know why, maybe I suffer of some kind of dyslexia), and I was the best in Mathematics and Physics. So guess what, teachers exclusively criticized and blamed me for my spelling mistakes, and never congratulated me for my skills in mathematics!

I think that in schools, teachers should always value and encourage kids in what they are good at, instead of blaming them for their weaknesses.

This is not fair.


by: G-1305

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June 01, 2017 (2 years ago)

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Olà Paul_1/4 ! (¼ of what? LOL)

I feel the same as you. I attribute this to the fact writing/language is what matter the most, because, in real life, this is what is mandatory. I mean, this is less handicapping if you are not good in mathematics, or scientific things. But if you can't express yourself orally, or by writing, then that is more or of a problem. So writing, and indirectly-speaking-is overall, what is the most important, and the basis of everything. This is why school is putting more efforts and attention on this.

Now, to be a bit sarcastic, I would say, that, being good in sports is surpassing your writing, or mathematics skills 😁


by: G-1398

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September 29, 2017 (2 years ago)

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