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Star Wars: I don't like what I am seeing (so far)...

In spite of being a big fan of Star Wars, so I far I don't like much what I am seeing of the upcoming film. Here is what I don't like:

- It just looks like a compilation of stuff put together with the only purpose to please fans, and not to add to the saga.

- Environments seem way less fantasy and fantastic than in George Lucas's films.

- So far, I feeling nothing about the characters, and they left me totally indifferent.

- I feel like what was making the charisma and originality of Star Wars faded away. When I watch the trailer, I feel like watching any other sci-fi action movie.

That being said, I'll go watch it in theaters, and I might change my mind, but I am far from feeling the excitement of when the Episode 1 was released.

by: G-1185


October 20, 2015 (4 years ago)

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I hope the story will contain surprises and rebounds. Otherwise, it will only be a series of non stop action scenes,... like in most of the other films by J. J. Abrams...

by: G-562

Message #1

October 20, 2015 (4 years ago)

The new films are okay, but it's sure that Disney is not taking risks.

by: G-1574

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November 03, 2018 (14 months ago)

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