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Mission: Impossible Legacy Movie

I wish one day that they would make a "real" Mission: Impossible movie, based on the TV Series. Don't get me wrong, the "Mission: Impossible" movies with Tom Cruise are great and entertaining movies, but honestly, they have hardly anything to do with the "Mission: Impossible" TV series which they are supposed to be inspired by. The producers could have make the exact same movies, without buying the "Mission: Impossible" rights, and they would have met the exact same success!

So why hijack the "Mission: Impossible" name! I find this upsetting when producers are doing so.

I hope someone will make a movie, with the ingredients which made the success of the tv series. Team work, pooling of the individual skill of each, infiltration, fineness, suspense, and SMARTNESS, what the movies are badly missing. And all of these is not incompatible with bad ass packed action scenes.


by: SDot


August 04, 2015 (4 years ago)

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+1 with Sdot.

For example, I wonder what Star Trek fans would have thought if Star Trek movies had been centered only around James T. Kirk and all the other characters evicted...


by: G-744

Message #1

February 12, 2016 (3 years ago)

True fans wouldn't have thought much of this, Beth. I'll explain why: In the original series, the stories might have features James T. Kirk in central role, but he was not the most important thing. The story was the most important thing. In the 1960s, a lot of stuff was happening: race riots, war protests, civil unrest, etc. The stories in the Star Trek series for the most addressed these issues. The war in Vietnam, for example. To make Captain Kirk the big, bold star of an episode might have gone over in The Next Generation(which was the epitome of selfishness), but not in the original series.

Also, I strongly disagree with Dot on the Mission Impossible film(the first one). At the start of the film, it was classic MI. I can't believe we were watching the same film! And all through the movie, we are treated to all the goodies that were in the classic TV series, including the prosthetic make-up, gadgets, etc. This was a great little film, and I think today's audience is expecting too much. If you want to see the old series, go to the local library and check it out and watch it. You can't possibly expect something as mundane and ridiculous as a perfect, tiny, television remake projected onto a big screen, complete with a 45 minute story. It's silly even to think about.

by: G-746

Message #2

February 13, 2016 (3 years ago)

I understand what you mean. I also think it could be interesting to have team-based films, with all the skills of the individual agents complementing each other to achieve the mission. A bit like in the A-team. But now, only old generations remember what Mission: Impossible was. If you ask the younger guys, they'll tell you that M:I is Tom Cruise saving the world all alone.


by: G-1304

Message #3

May 03, 2017 (2 years ago)

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