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Why do some video games give motion sickness, and others not?

Really, I am puzzled why some games make me immediately feel nauseous and sick, while others are not. Let me take an example. In the recent Assassin's Creed games, when I got out of the Animus, I was playing at the first-person view, and right away it made me feel sick! No matter if I move slowly or not. I don't think it's a matter of first-person view, since, for example, when I play Destiny or other FPS, I have no problem at all. Also, I experience the same problem with some of third-person view games. With Assassin's Creed, Uncharted, Infamous, etc...all is fine, but I can't play at all the Batman Arkham series for example! I feel sick after a few minutes. I don't understand, I don't see in which way there are differences between these games which can be causing motion sickness.

Why is that? Is anybody else having the same troubles? Or is it just me? Why causes this? And why on some games only? Does someone has a solution?


by: G-1115

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February 15, 2015

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Not everyone perceives volumes and relief the same way. In addition, our eyes and brain do not reacting in the same way.

All depends on how a game allows you to focus your attention, and how much. For example, if there are too many parasite effects, your eyes will keep being attracted all around the screen all the time, and it's the perturbation of our internal ear, which is the cause of motion sickness. Our brain is not succeeding to handle the information it's receiving, and not able to match it with the "non" movement of our body when we play.

Also, games are not all equal, or more precisely, developers are not all skilled. If you take a game with good anti-aliasing, good textures, fluid and smooth animations, this will be softer to your eyes/brain, and be more comfortable.

That's why 60+ fps games are usually bringing better comfort. Even if some argue we can't perceive 60+ images per second, its still helps our brain.


by: G-1294

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April 24, 2017

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