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Elysium: Lethal Security?

Okay, I liked the movie "Elysium" quite a bit. I guess what attracted me was the Larry Niven-like Ringworld, but then again, I love sci-fi films that deal with social inequality, period.

But this security protection that the rich guy used to protect the reboot program he wrote and uploaded to his own brain...eh...it didn't really work, did it? It was meant to kill a thief. Well, at which point in the process of the theft did this stupid program think something illegal was going on?

I mean, the rich guy is kidnapped, shot, and the thieves tap into his BRAIN, and while downloading, this security program was out taking a smoke, okay??

Later, while Spider hooks up Max to take a little peek at the code, the security program is sipping Fuzzy Navels with its personal bitch in a bar,and again, doesn't notice that some thief is poking around.

And finally, when the incredibly important brain data is uploaded, the security program realizes, "OH SHIT", drops it's smoke and glass and kills the thief, AFTER the program is uploaded and the damage is done!

Okay, other than that, the movie was good. I actually enjoyed it, and the kid was adorable with her little fat cheeks. I can't believe that huge bad guy was the same whining little worm from "District 9".


by: Jeanie

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February 08, 2015 (4 years ago)

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